Everyone Should Own a Chic White Sweater, Here Are the Best Ones Starting at $20

Do you ever shop for the same item over and over again—just modern, new iterations of it? I do this a lot with white sweaters. I probably own over twenty white sweaters all with slightly different designs, fabrics, silhouettes—and when I go online shopping I somehow still end up with a handful of white knits in my cart. Everyone has their thing. And white sweaters are mine!

So why do I go back to them time and time again? White sweaters are unbelievably versatile—they pair well with everything in my closet—from jeans to skirts and over (or under) dresses. They are an excellent backdrop for layering and can be worn easily year-round. While a black sweater is always reliable, a white knit sweater feels luxe, uplifting, and refreshingly cool. Take a peek below as I share some of my absolute favorite white sweaters on the internet for every style and budget.



An oversize sweater is so easy to wear over leggings, leather pants, and skirts alike.

Opt for an of-the-moment collared polo silhouette.

How pretty are the ruffles and buttons?

Lean into the backless trend in this striking sweater.

This looks way more expensive than its price tag.



You will never regret buying a chic white turtleneck.

We love the scallop neckline.

Like the front? Just take a look at the back.

Pair with crisp white jeans for one chic winter look.

A backless silhouette is always so captivating.

For a holiday dinner opt for a fitted sweater to pair with high-waisted pants.

Zhuzh up your sweater with a charming tie-neck.

Choose a white sweater with enticing details to look like you made the effort.



Exposed shoulders are trending hard right now.

Invest in a cashmere sweater that will last you a lifetime.

Say yes to square necklines and balloon sleeves.

A little embellishment goes a long way.

You can never have too many trusty basics.

For a cool look opt for a cropped silhouette.

Take this bouclé sweater into the night with plenty of accessories.



Pair with matching ribbed pants for a luxurious at-home look.

A sleeveless sweater vest is a winter 2020 must.