I Found H&M's Best Jeans, and the Items to Pair Perfectly With Them

There are a smattering of top-notch denim cuts out there across multiple brands and retailers. One store that has especially A+ cuts? Yep, H&M. If you cruise over to the site, you’ll uncover a range of silhouettes to fit within a variety of styles. On that note, I actually scrolled through the pages and pages of jeans and pulled out the styles I think are particularly noteworthy based on style and also customer reviews. Naturally, I’m sharing the styles with you below.

I also thought it could be fun to find new H&M pieces that would pair especially well with the jeans in question. With all that in mind, you’ll find jeans to consider below, along with winter staples like cozy sweaters, oversize coats, and trendy boots. Keep scrolling for more—you may just find a new staple or two.

Wide-Leg Jeans

This style resembles the cut pictured above—flawless high-waisted jeans.

Shop coordinating pieces:

Vintage-inspired collars are where it's at this season.

Try these with white socks for a modern look.

Bootcut Jeans

This silhouette is so "right now."

Shop coordinating pieces:
Skinny Jeans

Into the distressed vibe? These skinny jeans are great.

Shop coordinating pieces:
Straight-Leg Jeans
Distressed Jeans

Bring that low-key feel to a look.

Shop coordinating pieces:

A nice winter boot option.

Slit-Hem Jeans

The slit detail feels very modern.

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The beaded detail brings a little something extra to this shacket.