I Promise This Basic Will Breathe New Life Into Your Wardrobe

Between your black blazers, white tank tops, straight-leg jeans, and plain button-downs, feeling thrilled by your ongoing collection of basics can certainly be challenging. If you're someone who participates in uniform dressing (or you just live in jeans and tees), you of all people might be experiencing a bit of wardrobe burnout. Now, what if I could tell you there is a simple, basic, yet extremely stylish garment that would not only be a smart wardrobe addition for the long-haul but simultaneously on-trend? Would you be hooked? Let's hope so, because today, I am here to chat with you all about the power of the white cardigan. 

A normal sweater shopping spree usually ends with a colorful striped number, the trendiest new bolero matching set, or the coziest chunky knit you can find. What does that mean for the white cardigan? It often gets overlooked. Sure, white cardigans aren't the most exciting garment on the planet, but when I tell you they make for great styling pieces, the perfect alternative to a white T-shirt, and denim's best friend, they don't start to sound half bad. Adding a white cardigan to your wardrobe will result in the transformation of any of those outfits you've been feeling look a tad tired these days. Don't believe me? Scroll through my favorite white cardigans on the Internet, add a few to cart, and see for yourself. 

Please note the pretty pearl buttons. 

If you're going for the barely-there effect, look no further. 

The kind of cardigan you immediately want to buy 10 of. 

The subtle pleats on this one make all the difference. 

This entire look is something Hailey Bieber would wear. 

Wear this one as a top or open over a tiny tank. 

The perfect cardigan to lounge around in or throw on with jeans. 

Why wear a normal cardigan when you can wear a fuzzy one?

When it comes to this one, it's the entire set or bust. 

Cuter than a plain white T-shirt, if you ask me.  

You'll always be grateful you have this cardigan on hand. 

Prepare to layer this one with just about everything. 

This scoop-neck will allow you to show off all your favorite necklaces.  

Sometimes, the best pieces are the simplest ones. 

There's something about this one that's so elevated. 

And last but not least, you can never go wrong with a Ganni sweater. 

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