5 Essential Basics You Should Never Remove From Your Closet

The 5 best investments for basics



There are certain wardrobe investments you make because they're trendy and flashy and catch your eye, and then there are others you make that are on the more practical side. These items might not be the ones you're jumping up and down with excitement to wear, but I guarantee they're the ones that you wear most in your closet. I'm talking about wardrobe basics—pieces like white T-shirts and straight-leg jeans that make up the backbone of your wardrobe. Now, it might be tempting when cleaning out your closet each season to add some of these items to the giveaway pile to create room for the aforementioned trendy pieces, but trust me when I say that's a mistake.

There are certain basic items that you should always have on hand and you're all but guaranteed to miss them as soon as they're gone. The exception to this statement is if the item is too worn out to the point that it's not functional anymore (e.g., it has holes or permanent stains). Outside of that, though, it's best to hold on to these pieces. From the third piece that always looks polished to the shoe style, you'll most likely wear for the rest of your life, below I'm outlining the five best wardrobe basics you should never purge from your closet.


The best wardrobe basics



T-shirts are like a second skin for most people, and they're likely to be the jumping-off point for many of your best outfits. Whether worn under a blazer, leather jacket, or on its own, a good T-shirt is an absolute staple in every stylish person's wardrobe.

The wardrobe basics you should never ditch



Unless your tees are worn in to the point of holes or stains beyond repair, it's a good idea to hold onto them. You can truly never have too many.

The 5 best basics to invest in



Blazers make the ultimate third piece—as in you can throw them on over any other two items that make up your outfit, and it instantly feels pulled together and polished.

Blazer outfit ideas



While certain blazer styles fluctuate in popularity (sometimes oversize is the look; sometimes a fitted blazer is all anyone can talk about), they never truly go out of style. You'd be wise to hold on to any blazer of quality you've invested in.


White button-down outfit ideas



A white button-down is the epitome of classic style. Whether worn with jeans, trousers, or skirts, it doesn't get more timeless than a white button-down.

The 5 best basic items to invest in



Regardless of what's happening in the trend cycle, throw on a crisp white button-down with jeans and heels, and you're guaranteed to garner compliments.


If there's one shoe style you'll wear for the rest of your life, it's white sneakers. You can make them feel as sporty or sophisticated as you'd like, but regardless of what you pair them with, sneakers will always be in style and the comfortable shoe of choice.

Unless your white sneakers are super dirty, hold on to them, as you'll almost certainly end up investing in a new pair the moment you ditch them.


Black ankle boot outfits



Much like white sneakers, black ankle boots are a shoe style you'll come back to every year once fall hits. Timeless classics, black ankle boots pair well with everything from dresses to jeans to midi skirts. 

The 5 best wardrobe basics to invest in



Do yourself a favor and take care of your black ankle boots, and they'll be a hero piece in your wardrobe for life.