19 Vintage Dresses You Won’t See Anyone Else In This Party Season

As a life-long vintage-lover, it's been such a pleasure to see second-hand fashion finally hit the mainstream this year, with numerous Instagram accounts cropping up dedicated to selling stunning vintage edits to a primarily Millennial audience. Old school is officially cool. Whether it's a pair of winter boots or a new leather handbag, people are now expanding their list of go-to stores to include second-hand offerings, hoping to find something a little more unique and a lot more sustainable (purchasing pre-loved clothes are an easy way to 'close the loop').


(Image credit: Phill Taylor)

It can be all too easy this time of year to go a little crazy in the shopping department—overwhelmed by the pressure to wear a new outfit for every Christmas 'do or cocktail party. If you think about it, vintage really is the perfect solution. Second-hand buys tend to be both better made and more affordable than some offerings out there, plus you also know that you'll never have that dreaded 'who wore it better' moment at any event you attend.

I know that for the uninitiated, the idea of hunting for a vintage party dress can be intimidating, but thanks to the magic of online shopping, these one-of-a-kind pieces are right at our fingertips. No more trawling through heaving rails of second-hand pieces in random corners of London (unless you enjoy that—which I do). I've done the hard work for you and found 19 vintage dresses that are sure to make you feel like a million dollars. From '80s colour-pop minis to '50s showstoppers, scroll down to shop my edit.

Scroll down to shop my vintage party dress edit.

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