Every Handbag Collector Should Buy Into This Iconic Brand

If you know Versace, you're going to agree with what I'm about to say: Versace is not just a brand—it's a lifestyle. The aesthetic that goes along with the brand has always given me a luxury travel experience from home, whether I'm stopping by the brand's store, wearing one of its vintage pieces I scored at The Real Real, or checking out the runway show from home. Since it's such a lifestyle brand, most people know Versace for its epic prints and bold ready-to-wear collection.

When shopping at the store, people browse the racks and many miss out on taking a closer look at its handbag assortment, so I'm taking it upon myself to report on just how good it is. First of all, the first thing on my mind is always price point, so let's talk about it. To me, being able to walk away from a designer shopping spree with a bag that costs under $1500 is a success story. Yes, it's a very steep price, but compared to other Italian luxury powerhouses, you're winning here. The designs are on point since they include recognizable motifs like the iconic medusa head, Greek geometric motifs, and scarf detailing. Keep scrolling to see its nine best styles.

1. La Medusa Small Tote

I'm predicting for this bag to blow up by the end of the year, it's that good. The iconic medusa logo is inspired by the molded door on Versace's first-ever headquarters. It now lives on being prominently feature in both Versace's pieces and pop culture.

2. Virtus Quilted Evening Bag

If you're looking for a partner to join you on the dance floor, here she is. The Virtus bag is the ultimate evening accessory. Keep the chain inside the bag and hold it as a clutch for pics but then you can wear it as a crossbody when you hit the dance floor. 

3. La Medusa Hobo Bag

A structured hobo bag is one of my favorite silhouettes in the accessories department. It's hands-free when you throw it over your shoulder and looks so effortlessly chic. This style is at the top of my list.

4. La Medusa Tote

Working from home? Not likely. You'll find me working in coffee shops and outdoor spaces for the rest of the summer. That being said, I need a tote bag to bring along with me. This one makes a statement, so I'll take two.

5. La Medusa Wallet On Chain

This bag takes the phrase "wallet on chain" to a new level with the additional option to wear it with the top-handle chain. For moments when your checklist for the night is simply your phone, wallet, keys, and lipgloss, this bag is the one for you.

6. La Medusa Disco Bag

Is anyone else noticing a common theme here? Versace bags are so perfect for a night out, and here's another evening option. I'm loving how easy it is to throw everything in this pouch and never look back.

7. La Medusa Mini Bag

I saved the best for last, so gear up to have a look at the next few styles. Ever since I first saw the below black bag with gold detailing, I think about it often. There are endless ways to wear it from morning to night, so I remain its biggest advocate.

8. La Medusa Foulard Basket Bag

An Italian-esque summer is incomplete without a headscarf, and Versace is well-known for them. So I was very glad to see that this iconic accessory came in tote back form as well. There's nothing I'd rather take with me on a trip to the beach.

9. Greca Goddess Shoulder Bag

My favorite kind of bag is the kind that doesn't come with a big fat logo. So as you can imagine, I'm loving this one that subtly nods to Versace's Greek architectural themes and is one of my favorites.

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