28 Vanilla Candles That Will Make Your Home Smell Heavenly

best vanilla candles



Considering that scent has such a major influence on my mood, I've admittedly developed a bit of a candle obsession over the last few years. As someone who now works entirely from home and spends the majority of the day confined to the walls of their apartment, I rely on a good home fragrance to make my space feel cozy, comfortable, and more joyous. Of all the popular candle scents out there, vanilla is, by far, one of my favorites.

There are plenty of reasons to love vanilla. For starters, it smells like freshly baked cake. More importantly, it's been proven to make us feel happier, boost relaxation, and have an anti-anxiety effect. And while it's traditionally sweet, blending it with the right notes transforms it from dessert-like to something totally different, whether it's fresher, brighter, or more sensual.

I scoured the internet and rounded up the 28 best vanilla candles from some of my favorite brands out there. From sweet, gourmand scents that smell good enough to eat to more complex blends that pair vanilla with floral, earthy, and even spicy notes, there's something for every mood and preference. Keep scrolling for my picks, and be sure to snag one (or two or three) for yourself.

Warm and comforting, this luxe candle blends creamy tonka bean, vanilla, and cocoa with a base of sweet, dry fruit and wood sap.

A blend of pure vanilla, cappuccino, and caramelized cedar make up this sweet, warm, and gourmand scent.

Not only am I in love with this glass vessel, but the bourbon-vanilla scent is also divine.

This mellow candle blends fruit-forward notes of yuzu, fig, and Asian plum with vanilla, oakmoss, and Japanese cedar for a sweet yet earthy scent.

Want your house to smell like dessert and after-dinner drinks? Look no further than this candle, which combines vanilla bean, buttercream, cake, and a hint of bourbon.

You can't go wrong with Le Labo, and Santal 26 will fill your home with warm and spicy notes of amber, cocoa, vanilla, cedar, spices, musk, and sandalwood.

Adorned with Keith Haring's drawings, this warm, inviting candle features notes of cinnamon, caramel, apple, and vanilla. Consider it the perfect fall scent.

This cozy winter-inspired scent blends notes of cedar, warm vanilla, and incense, but what I'm really loving is the gorgeous handblown glass vessel, which I'd proudly keep on display year-round.

Floral lovers will appreciate this gorgeous candle, which combines orchid with notes of warm vanilla and almond.

Equal parts home décor and fragrance, this sculptural candle is scented with the brand's Black Stone fragrance, a blend of nutmeg, labdanum, and vanilla meant to evoke spices used by alchemists.

Encased in the prettiest etched-glass vessel, the Milk and Honey candle blends vanilla, milk, almond, and honey for a deliciously sweet fragrance.

I'm also eyeing this pretty three-wick candle, which blends vanilla with spicy and sweet cinnamon, bourbon, spice, custard, and caramel.

Warm and spicy, this candle will fill the room with crisp satsuma mandarin, sweet clementine, orange peel, and vanilla bourbon.

This warm, spicy scent features notes of French bourbon vanilla beans and comes housed in the chicest octagonal tin.

For something a little more complex, the brand also has this intoxicating gourmand, woody, and warm candle, which blends vanilla with oud and sandalwood.

Named after the hallucinogenic cactus native to Mexico, this beautifully spicy fragrance features top notes of clove and juniper berry, a heart of fir, hyacinth, and tonka bean, rounding out with a base of patchouli, vanilla bean, and black amber.

Made for both setting the mood and for play, this warm and sensual massage candle features notes of linden blossom with honey, vanilla, and sandalwood.

Another beautifully complex scent from Boy Smells, this earthy, smoky candle blends notes of Mexican copal with cedarwood, patchouli, leather, and whole vanilla bean.

This boho-inspired candle blends vanilla with an exotic baltic amber for a sweet yet woody scent.

Evoking the magic of a cozy night spent in with a good book and a fire, this candle features notes of firewood, tobacco, and a hint of vanilla.

Equal parts sweet, spicy, and decadent, this candle blends rum with dark vanilla and crystallized sugar.

Don't sleep on & Other Stories' gorgeous scents. Punk Bouquet combines frothy vanilla soda with roses, exotic tiger orchid, and lotus flower for a sweet and floral—yet rebellious—home fragrance.

Made for winding down after a long day, this soy candle combines amber and vanilla with undertones of musk and sandalwood.

This subtly woody and smoky scent blends Piñon logs with cedar and vanilla to evoke Southwestern winters, lingering bonfires, and wool jackets.

Delightfully gourmand, this scented candle counts on fresh garden rosemary, sweet notes of vanilla, warm baked bread, green sage, parsley, and white thyme.

Designed to calm and relax, this candle sweetens floral lavender and white orchid with Tahitian vanilla and honey.

I don't know what I love more—the adorable bubble vessel or the spicy, woody blend of nutmeg, eucalyptus, patchouli, vanilla bean, smoked cedar, and spiced musk (just to name a few notes).

Floral yet sweet, Vanilla Bloom amplifies rock rose with hints of juicy plum, golden vanilla, and crisp amber.