Fashion People Have These Best-Smelling Reed Diffusers in Their Homes

Best Reed Diffusers



While electric diffusers are quite popular, there are a number of fashion people (who innately have an eye for aesthetics) who continue to make a case for reed diffusers. Not only are they a passive means of flooding your space with the scent of your favorite essential oils, but they also arguably offer a wider range of packaging options to choose from than their counterparts, and thus pretty much feel like a no-brainer buy.

By now you probably know your go-to scents—amber, oak, lavender, and so on—but the beauty in the below picks lies in their ability to simultaneously double as to-die-for home décor. (All in favor of killing two birds with one stone, say aye.) Ahead, scroll through the diffusers you'll want on your coffee table this season. They may even make exceptional home décor gift ideas, too.

With a deep olive-green ribbed glass as its base, this reed diffuser is a perfect fit among the décor of any refined home. It should last for three to four months, and this particular scent offers notes of ginger and apple, perfect for the winter season.

We all know someone who swears by black-and-white home interiors. If that's you, or a friend, behold the optimal reed diffuser. Besides that, a Jo Malone fragrance often speaks for itself. The brand likens this scent to a "leisurely breakfast in the courtyard," which we can bet paints the picture of exactly where you want to be.

This diffuser base leans on a sleek yet glam aesthetic. With notes of hibiscus and coconut leaves, it turns out you don't actually have to leave home to enjoy the scent of a holiday vacation.

POV: You can't resist mushroom-shaped trinkets in your home, and you're wondering where this adorable diffuser has been all your life. Lovers of an earthy scent will appreciate the hints of oakmoss, herbs, and wood that this small but mighty bottle releases.

Lovers of a vintage Parisian aesthetic will enjoy this gift set, which comes with not only a reed diffuser but also a 50-hour-burn candle as well. The diffuser itself is said to last a whopping four to six months. Talk about a steal.

If you too aspire to achieve that perfectly blended combination of déecor that's equal parts vintage and pieces that just look vintage, say hello to this reed diffuser, which rests in a rustic brass base that looks just as lived-in as it is chic. Welcoming a bit of ginger and Haitian cardamom into your home obviously comes with its pros as well.

While this clear, striped vessel is sure to merge with any setup you've got at home during any time of the year, its frosted look feels especially primed for wintertime. Plus, did a winter absent of a pumpkin chai scent even really happen?

Plainly said, this is the diffuser you want front and center on your coffee table. Its scent is reminiscent of freshly cut flowers, while the vase design is inspired by Dora Maar, a painter and poet widely known as Picasso's muse.

This diffuser is a part of Ginori's Entourage of Caterina de' Medici collection, and it's decidedly one of the most artful designs you'll come by. Its base holds 300 milliliters of oil, and this handmade porcelain masterpiece is sure to be a conversation piece among guests.

Notes of patchouli, citrus, amber, vanilla, and tobacco sift through this geometric vessel like a breeze, and this diffuser is bound to complement any room with an air of brightness. After approximately four months, you may consider repurposing its vessel as a plant vase next. 

With a transparent vessel and colorless oil, this reed diffuser can find its home in any corner of your humble abode and is viable to become a must-have for any floral fragrance enthusiast.

Reviewers have happily vouched for this diffuser, noting that it comes without the harsh chemical smell some other lower-priced reed diffusers may bear. If you have any glossy black tables or counters at home, there's no doubt this diffuser makes the case for a necessary addition to your décor.

For under $30, the blue hue of this diffuser evokes the aesthetic of fine China but would also seamlessly fit in to any beach-themed home. Hello, West Coast fashion people.

Minimal yet alluring, this frosted diffuser vessel takes on the color of its oil. Nordstrom offers the brand's Bamboo, Canvas, and Hinoki Lavender scents, which range from rich and smoky to floral to the sensation of crisp linen.

Cue all rustic-farmhouse vibes. This reed diffuser comes with a scent that manages to be strong without being overpowering. Plus, it's adorned in actual dried flowers.

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