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Szymon Brzóska/The Style Stalker

As you guys know already, I spend a good portion of my day literally online shopping. Well, it’s technically “research” for all the stories I’m writing, but the outcome is the same—dozens of items on my wish list at any given moment. Bags, boots, dresses, coats: you name it, I want it. Sadly, however, I can’t possibly purchase everything I’m eyeing, so from time to time I feel like I might as well share what’s in my cart (and heart) so that at least someone can benefit from the fruits of my labor.

As you probably guessed, that’s precisely what I’m here to do today, but with a special, affordable spin. After all, if you can look like you spent a fortune without passing $100 on a single item, why wouldn’t you? To see what I’m loving for the rest of winter and well into spring, just keep scrolling.

Great reviews on Nordstrom and a great color.

Chic oversize trousers are hard to come by—especially at this price point.

I'm very into wide-templed sunglasses these days.

How to make even your oldest pair of sunglasses feel suddenly trendy.

I've seen this in person, and it actually looks five times its price.

I'm highly considering ordering this to add to my current chain collection.

Statement sleeves that still feel relatively tame.

This belt will make any outfit instantly cool.

Am I the only one who is constantly replenishing her basics?

Spring is coming, and your sock drawer should be prepared.

Oversize collars are everywhere right now, and this take is delightful.

Tube tops are about to trend hard for spring, so might as well get on board now.

This is cheating because I actually own these pants, but I needed everyone to know how great they are (and to buy them).

Everyone looks good in this neckline.

I love when brands do the work of mixing metals for you.

Imagine this worn tight as a choker and with the toggle in the back.

This can be worn as both a coat and a dress, making it even more worth the price.

Slightly oversize is key—and don't worry, it's $99.99.

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