6 Easy Ways to Style Summer's Most Basic Dress Trend

Tank tops in the summertime—is there really anything better? Or more practical? Since this summer's social activities are shaping up to look a lot different than summer's prior, investing in all of the most current trends might seem frivolous, and we get that. If 2020 has taught me anything in regard to my wardrobe, it's that basics are key. While I love a good statement summer dress, basic tank top dresses have proven to be the most-worn and -loved dress trend in my summer rotation right now. 

Including slip dresses, thick straps, and spaghetti straps, ahead I have shopped out some of my favorite tank dresses on the market this summer. And since getting dressed to go basically nowhere can feel unmotivating, I have included a few at-home styling ideas as well. Fashion girls have really helped me to stay motivated when it comes to my outfit experimenting even while I'm spending more time indoors, and lucky for us, they have taken a particular liking to tank dresses this summer, and their styling ideas are the perfect combination of easy and cute. 

Partake in a makeshift photo shoot by jazzing up your favorite tank dress with a blazer, headband, and statement sandals. 

Although tank dresses read casual, they are still special enough to look good pretty much all on their own. Take this look, for example—a shoulder bag and simple sunnies are all it needed. 

While we're not dressing up to go anywhere right now, you can certainly bank on a simple black tank dress to provide you with a last-minute going-out dress in the near future. For now, however, throw it on for the more casual functions. 

Lean into a fun print with matching statement sunglasses and layered gold jewelry. We can't see the shoes in this shot, but I can assure you that anything from sneakers to strappy sandals will look idyllic with this ensemble. 

This Sunday, instead of staying in your pajamas all day (not that there is any shame in that), try slipping into a long tank dress for a refreshing at-home look. 

Need a casual dress to show off your favorite jewelry? A simple black tank dress will serve as the best blank canvas you could hope for. 

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