I'm Obsessed With Frivolous Trends, But These 9 Basics Curbed My Cravings

Ask any of my friends or co-workers, and they will tell you that I love trying out new trends. Even if something doesn't fully fit my personal style (what even is that? I'm not sure), I am usually willing to dabble. But this year has made me more aware of the contents of my wardrobe as a whole versus one-off pieces that I love. I have spent more time collecting basics, both investment and affordable, that help to create a well-rounded assortment of clothes and accessories.

While I expected my closet to feel more cohesive and less explosive, what I did not expect was for my obsession with frivolous trends to be curbed along the way. I found that the more I searched for and wore my basics, the less attracted I was to styles that were fleeting. This is not to say I won't dip my toe in random trends anymore, but this realization made me appreciate the simpler pieces in my wardrobe that I wear more than any trend, period.

Ahead, shop the best basics I have added to my closet that ended up helping me shop smarter.

Belted Blazers

Belted blazers have just enough flair to make me feel like I'm wearing a fun new trend while also providing me with a quality basic that will add value to my wardrobe for seasons to come. 


Silky slips feel good and look good, always. If you already own one, I suggest slipping into it while at home one evening for a much-deserved night of relaxation and pampering. 

Classic sneakers always make me feel on-trend, no matter what time of year it is. While I was never into the "dad" sneaker trend, I have found that the return of classic and sometimes retro styles feels right at home in my wardrobe and has stopped me from investing in other sneakers just because they are trendy. 

Pajama Sets

If you're in need of an outfit that feels daring (which is what I sometimes love about trying out a new trend), try wearing a pajama set somewhere other than your home. Whether it's ruffled-adorned or a simple tank-and-shorts set, I can assure you that this cute co-ord moment will feel fresh no matter what. 

Little Black Dresses

A little black dress will always be exciting to me. While I currently miss the opportunity to get dressed up, I know that my favorite LBDs are safely tucked away in my closet waiting for their triumphant return. 

Since it's summer, it felt appropriate to bring up my love of white dresses. White summer dresses will always be a staple during this season, so if you're like me and having an urge to shop right now, start with a pretty white sundress. 

Bra Tops

Bra tops are a newer trend for me, but at the end of the day, purchasing them will never be a waste. Since bras and bralettes will always find purpose in your wardrobe, why not get some cute ones, wear them as tops this summer, and call it a day? 

Baseball Hats

Okay, I had to squeeze one trendy basic in here, and that would be the baseball hat. What I love about this trend is that it never really was "out" considering people wear baseball hats all the time, but once it dropped in the fashion scene as a trend, you better believe I stocked up. 

Simple tank tops are my go-tos, always. Since I do tend to lean into trends or styles that are bit wild, having an assortment of quality tanks at the ready to wear with crazier counterparts has been a game changer. 

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