The Best T-Shirt Brands for Ultra-Plain, Super-Chic Crew Necks

Hunting down the best T-shirt brands is like searching for the holy grail of fashion. Such is the importance of the quest for many fashion lovers. Here at Who What Wear, we're always being asked where you can find perfect tees to add to your wardrobe staples. First, it's worth reminding ourselves of the requirements that make an incredible T-shirt. For starters, they should fall just right—not too clingy and not too loose, unless you're after the oversize look. Other factors include it being in a solid color (with the exception of the Breton) for maximum styling options. Our preferences are tees in black, white or gray—although other hues are acceptable as well. (Wild, we know.)

Best T-Shirt Brands: Julia Sarr-Jamois wearing a vintage white tee from Alaia


Style Du Monde

Finally, there is one last trick that we highly recommend when on the hunt for this basic: Try shopping outside of the women's department. The men's section (or just head over to Mr Porter) can be a trove of T-shirt wonders, particularly if you're looking for a style that you might want to cinch with a belt. For that reason, we've rounded up the very best T-shirts you can locate—from high-street options to designer ones. Click through our gallery to shop from our favorite T-shirt brands.

Pair with a simple pair of jeans and heels for a chic (and easy) daytime look.

Hannah Almassi, Who What Wear UK's editorial director, loves this brand. 

The rolled-up sleeves give this tee a more relaxed vibe. You could always buy it oversize and belt it. 

This is what we call a grown-up T-shirt thanks to the crepe material. It won't crease as easily and will look smart under your work suit.

The longer sleeves on this T-shirt give it a certain charm.

This has a bit of a rocker vibe, don't you think?

This list wouldn't be complete without a pink tee. 

Trust Zara to come up with a super-classic and affordable version. 

Because you can never have too many striped tees in your wardrobe. 

Try cult L.A. label Anine Bing for incredibly comfy tees. 

Not your regular plain tee, and we're into it.

This story was originally published on an earlier date and has been updated by Lauren Eggertsen.

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