This Anti-Trend Wardrobe Staple Has Remained in My Closet for Years

Over the years, my closet has gone through dozens of clean-outs. I care a lot about each item of clothing that I own, so I've gone back and forth time and time again about every piece that I end up donating. Lately, I've been in limbo about items like puff-sleeve dresses that take up way too much space or the 17th pair of jeans I own that I really don't need. There are very few categories that I can name that don't require this annual debate, but one of them that I can't neglect to mention is the sweaterdress. The high-quality sweaterdresses I've purchased have remained in my closet since my high school graduation. This timeless staple is worth its weight in gold.

With that in mind, as I prepare my wardrobe for colder weather, I know I can't go wrong by buying yet another sweaterdress so thus begins my journey. I've scoured the market and I'm convinced that these 29 dresses are the absolute best. So, happy shopping!

I can already picture this dress paired with knee-high boots.

A look that can be divided into two.

I tried to hold myself back from saying, "It has pockets," but here we are.

I'll start wearing this now, but it's perfect for the holidays.

I've never purchased a sweaterdress faster and I have no regrets.

If you prefer something more fitted, you can't go wrong with this colorway.

This is how you transition your love for tube tops into fall.

Sometimes wearing your sweaterdress as a very long top is the move.

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