It's Official: These Are the Most Covetable Supergoop! Sunscreens Ever Created

If you've ever shopped for sunscreen (which, ahem, I definitely hope you have!), then you already know how tricky the hunt can be. After all, there's so much that can go wrong; a thick, pore-clogging consistency; unflattering gray or white casts; sketchy ingredients; lack of efficacy; overly greasy or overly matte finishes… You name it, and we've tried plenty of sunscreens that suffer from it. But that doesn't mean all sunscreens are a total bust, and certain brands in the industry have made serious headway in terms of innovation and overall excellence—one such brand being Supergoop!.

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Complete with playful packaging, consistently cool new launches, and a truly impressive array of formulas, Supergoop! is one of the few SPF labels that has managed to wow beauty editorscelebritiesthe industry's best skin experts, and our readers alike. It's important to remember that sunscreen should be a nonnegotiable part of our routine all year round, and luckily for us, Supergoop!'s array of truly delightful elixirs makes regular application pretty darn easy. Since I was curious to know which products fly off the shelves the fastest, I reached out to Supergoop! HQ to do some sleuthing and ultimately discovered the eight most coveted picks bearing the Supergoop! name. Whether you're already a stan or are on the hunt for a new SPF soul mate, keep scrolling! The eight most-wanted Supergoop! sunscreens are just below. 

Meet the 8 Most Popular Supergoop! Formulas

1. Supergoop! Play Body Mousse SPF 50 With Blue Sea Kale

Honestly, the super-fun and uniquely whipped mousse texture of this best-selling body sunscreen is half of the appeal. When was the last time you actually enjoyed slathering on your SPF? Yeah, thought so. Complete with a high dose of SPF 50, this antioxidant-rich formula teems with protection from the sun's harmful rays alongside clean, skin-boosting ingredients like shea butter, blue sea kale, and summery hints of cucumber and citrus. You can count on this formula to remain water-resistant for up to 80 minutes. Fun fact: Supergoop! HQ says kids love this one!

2. Supergoop! Glowscreen Body SPF 40 PA+++

Say hello to one of the brand's newest innovations—a luster-inducing body lotion that also packs a punch where essential sun protection is concerned. It has a dreamy, light-as-air texture that adds a subtle hint of shimmer to your limbs—or anywhere on your body for that matter—while simultaneously imparting broad-spectrum SPF 40. It absorbs quickly and is also water- and sweat-resistant. 

3. Supergoop! Glowscreen Sunscreen SPF 40

Yes! There's a version for your face, too! This is the ultimate hybrid product that adds radiance to your complexion, evens out your skin tone, and even acts like a makeup-gripping primer if you're looking to apply your favorite products. The broad-spectrum SPF 40 is accompanied by other strategic ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin B3 to keep your complexion's dew point topped up with essential moisture.

4. Supergoop! Play Antioxidant Body Mist SPF 50 With Vitamin C

There are lotion people, and there are mist people, and regardless of your SPF formula of choice, you shouldn't have to make any compromises when it comes to comfort and coverage. So many sunscreen mists disappoint, but this top seller actually manages to exceed our expectations. It's a non-aerosol, water-resistant spray boasting SPF 50 that works its skin-protecting magic atop wet or dry skin. The brand notes that it also utilizes a unique bag-on-valve technology that they've been using since 2013. "This makes the SPF itself free of chemical propellants, and it means you can spray it from all different angles (even upside down)," the website explains. "It will also be completely emptied, so you don't have to worry about whether or not you’re getting every last drop of SPF."

5. Supergoop! Superscreen Daily Moisturizer SPF 40

We dare you to call this all-in-one hydrating moisturizer basic. It effortlessly staves off pollution and damaging UVA/UVB rays while still providing a hefty drip of lasting hydration and SPF 40. It feels light on top of the skin—which is rare for such a moisturizing formula—and it won't pill or veer Slip 'N Slide–y under your makeup. It's no wonder it's become a tried-and-true favorite among the pickiest of sunscreen shoppers. 

6. Supergoop! Daily Dose Vitamin C + SPF 40 Serum

Here's an interesting tidbit: This is the first all-in-one vitamin C and SPF 40 serum that boasts broad-spectrum protection from UVA, UVB, free radical, and blue light damage, alongside powerful skin-brightening actives for a naturally healthy and glowy complexion. Essentially, it's your ultimate brightening vitamin C serum combined with a high-quality chemical SPF 40 sunscreen. You're getting skin protection plus dullness-, dark spot–, and pigmentation-busting power in one fell swoop. 

7. Supergoop! Play Everyday Lotion SPF 50 With Sunflower Extract

This best-selling bottle is Supergoop!'s OG broad-spectrum SPF 50 lotion that can be used for your face and body. It's oil-free but keeps your skin supple and hydrated, and it absorbs astoundingly fast so you're not left with any of that dreaded residue so many sunscreen lotions leave in their wake. It provides high-performance protection from UVA, UVB, and IRA rays while also helping prevent photoaging and dehydration. You can expect water- and sweat-resistant wear for 80 minutes. Oh, and if you're someone who hates that prototypical sunscreen smell, fear not! This one is made with tons of natural extracts like citrus, basil, and bois de rose—it's a true treat for the senses!

8. Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40

Did we save our personal favorite for last? Guilty. Bias aside, Supergoop! HQ agrees that this cult-loved invisible face sunscreen is its most game-changing product. Yes, it features an impressive helping of SPF 40 for broad-spectrum protection, but it's also weightless, oil-less, scentless, and completely non-noticeable on your skin. That said, despite said invisibility, it has the uncanny ability to grip onto makeup and smooth out the skin like the most high-performing makeup primer of your dreams. Seriously, give this one a try if you haven't yet!

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A trusty, 100% mineral primer with SPF 40 that mattifies the skin and filters the look of pores.

Body oil lovers everywhere, this will be the sunscreen of your wildest dreams.

A minty-fresh balm that also protects your pout from sun damage.

A multitasking SPF mist that curbs makeup migration, shine, and UV damage throughout the whole dang day.

An easy-to-use sunscreen stick that keeps skin glowy and protected in one fell swoop.

Experts are always saying our hands are of the first (and least expected) places that age us. So an SPF-loaded hand cream can definitely be a smart addition to your routine.

A 100% non-nano zinc-oxide sunscreen that feels breathable and light as a feather on your complexion.

These glimmering SPF-laced eye shadows prove that the brand is one of the most innovative in the sunscreen space.

Love powder formulas? Veer especially oily? Supergoop! totally has you covered on that front, too.

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