30 Striking Sandals All the Fashion People in My Life Would Love



The rapidly rising temperatures have made us reevaluate what we wear this summer. If you're like me, you find a few solid pairs of sandals and wear them into the ground. However, I'm officially in need of a major summer sandal overhaul. I've been hunting for warm-weather-friendly shoes pleasing to the eye and my style-loving soul.

After scouring the internet's top retail hotspots (i.e., Nordstrom, Mango, Zara, etc.), I've managed to curate an impressive selection of 30 striking sandals even the pickiest fashion person would appreciate. Are you in the market for some vacation-ready strappy sandal looks? Perhaps a kitten heel might do the trick? No matter your stylistic sensibilities, there's a pretty pair that I'm sure you'll like. Keep scrolling to unlock your new favorite sandal ahead.

Everything from the low heel to the metallic pink colorway makes these feel wearable yet special. 

To be worn on all your upcoming vacations. 

I've already added these to my cart. 

This shade of yellow is an instant serotonin boost. 

These look so simple yet so chic. 

Elevate your favorite T-shirt and jeans with these. 

Practical and fashion forward at the same time. 

Lace these up with bike shorts and an oversize button-down shirt.

There is a reason these have such rave reviews. 

Meant for cute swimsuit styling and beyond.  

If you're going for a striking poolside look, I suggest slipping into these. 

There is something about these shoes that is just so perfet. 

An everyday shoe that's still very cool.

It's hard to go wrong with classic thongs.

These are all over my Instagram feed right now. 

Pair these with an all-denim outfit for a seamless Canadian tux. 

I own Dr. Martens sandals, and they're my favorite summer shoe.