Makeup Artists Predict These Will Be the Biggest Summer Makeup Looks

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Out of all the beauty rituals we've had to forgo recently, my makeup routine is hardly the one I would guess I'd be missing the most. My bangs may have grown out and my nails have been subjected to a mediocre at-home manicure, but surprisingly, it's the chance to pull out my makeup bag and get a little creative with applying all those powders and creams that I'm craving the most right now.

While a quick look at Instagram fills me with ideas and product recommendations, I looked to the pros this time to break down the must-try summer makeup looks right now. I tapped five celebrity makeup artists who are behind some of my favorite beauty looks from A-listers. From pretty, colorful eyeliner to glowy, bronzed skin, I'm suddenly more motivated than ever to pull out my makeup bag and dust off my brushes. With the weather warming and the sun shining, I'm ready to embrace all the makeup looks I've been skipping out on. With a little help from the following experts, I'm officially inspired by the below five makeup looks and might even be updating my makeup collection with some of their recommendations.

With that, keep scrolling to see each look and learn how to re-create it.

Look #1: Bronzed and Glowy

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"Glowy, healthy skin will always be in," celebrity makeup artist Delina Medhin shared. "I definitely think we will see a comeback with bronzer and bronzy monochromatic looks. People can typically get that look by sitting in the sun, but because of the restrictions of going outside, I think we will see a huge rise in people craving that natural glow. I also think we will see a ton of self-tanner. I actually haven't personally tried it, but I've heard it looks good on deep skin, and I'm definitely going to give it a go."

Get the look:

Kosas's new moisturizing bronzer is baked with shea butter and is formulated to be your one-step product to sculpt, highlight, and warm up your whole face.

You'll need a proper bronzer brush like this no matter what kind of bronzer, highlighter, or blush you use.

Look #2: Barely There Makeup

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Makeup artist Tobi Henney suggests this makeup look during the summer when you want to do a quick face for running around throughout the day without looking like you are wearing anything yet looking like a fresh version of yourself. "I think this will be the most important look of the summer as we will not be wearing as much makeup as we usually do," she noted.

Get the look:

All of the products for this look are super easy to use, Henney says. Start by moisturizing. She recommended Augustinus Bader's celeb-loved cream.

Next, Henney instructed to massage in tinted moisturizer as a base.

Then, she says to curl the lashes and apply mascara to the top lashes only.

A brow gel like this will tint and shape brows in a natural-looking way.

Tap on a cream cheek like this multi-stick that doubles as a lip tint as well.

Add lip balm and a light powder in the T-zone and you will be able to walk out of the door in five minutes, Henney noted.

She recommends this MAC powder, though more affordable options are also comparable: "You should look fresh and awake without looking like you are wearing anything."

Look #4: Bold, Fluttery Lashes

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"With everything that's happening in the world, makeup is taking a slight turn," celebrity makeup artist and founder of her namesake beauty line Camara Aunique shared with us. "Usually, we would focus on clean skin and a popping lip, but since we have to wear masks that cover our mouths I am seeing it'll be a summer of playful eyes and bomb brows."

Get the look:

"You will definitely want to focus on your eyes by applying a fun lash that you can wear with or without liner," Aunique told us. The lashes from her line Camara Aunique Beauty help you achieve that look with no issues, she says. "You want to make sure you're holding a handheld mirror, look down to your nose, apply glue to the lash, let it dry for a minute then tilt your head from the outer corner and allow the lash to fall into place to the inner corner. (You can check out a video on my lGTV)."

Lash glue is a must, and this $3 Amazon buy is worth stocking up on.

Celebrity makeup artist Tasha Reiko Brown also insisted on the importance of a bold lash look. "As the summer of COVID presses on," she shared, "masks stay put and eyes take center stage. Mascara is the most important beauty tool, with colored liners coming in a close second. Mascara is a grand tool to look put together even while half your face is safely hidden away and colored liners are an easy way to show self-expression while wearing one."

Get the look:

"Mascara is both an enemy and a friend to a novice hand," Reiko Brown mused. "Find a formula that works best for your lashes. To give lashes a clean backdrop to stand out against, swipe lids with a neutral shimmery shadow. Prep lashes by curling with a lash curler as close to the lash line as possible. While holding your wand sideways, gently wiggle the wand back and forth to deposit a hefty amount of product. Then gently guide through to the tips."

"Starting at the base of the lashes ensures you aren't depositing too much product onto the tips of lashes causing them to droop and losing your curl. Apply two coats this way. To finish and really draw attention to your eyes, apply a bright vanilla or gold shadow to inner corners and violà—bright, clean eyes that command attention."

Look #3: Light Flush of Color

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"This look brings out your best features and makes you look like your best without wearing too much makeup," Henney said. All it takes is about 10–15 minutes to achieve. A light flush of color in creams to the eyes and cheeks will make you look super fresh and glowy, she shared. For application tips, she told us to ensure that you curl the lashes and apply lashings of mascara to top and bottom lashes. Then, choose a lip in a rose shade to add to the sun-kissed summery vibe.

Get the look:

Henney recommends starting with a CC cream like this for a hydrated, even finish.

Then she instructed to go in with concealer to lift any dark spots.

A brow pencil-brush duo like this is the ultimate do-it-all for bold and fluffy brows.

"I love to use a soft brush to buff in the Tom Ford Cream Bronzer to look beautiful and bronzed," Henney shared.

Apply a cream blush instead of a powder. for a more washed-out and natural look.

Henney loves this rose-tinted Charlotte Tilbury lipstick.

Lastly, use a setting powder to hold it all in.

Look #5: Graphic Eyeliner

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"The colored-liner trend is making a strong comeback this summer," Reiko Brown told us. "The newness of the trend is that the colors aren't as crayon hued as the last time it came around. They're bold yet elegant in new shades like deep mustard and deep wine—no brushes needed. Just a pencil and clean fingers can achieve this high-impact look."

colorful eyeliner



"Three ways to wear the trend are as a halo around the entire eye, a clean thin swipe across the top of the lid close to lashes, or just under the eyes for a bolder look. My personal favorite is the soft halo around the whole eye. Easy to do, creates instant impact, and is very modern. Simply apply your liner across the tips of lashes staying close to the lash line, then take down to the bottom in the waterline blending slightly down below lashes to keep eyes big and wide. Connect at the outer corners and drag out slightly for a subtle wing."