7 Pairs of Jeans Fashion Girls Wear in the Summer (and 5 They Won't)

If there's anyone who knows a thing or two about denim, it's our editors. We've tried and tested dozens of brands, styles, and trends over the years, so when we share our favorite pairs with all of you, you can trust that they really are the best of the best. While I can assure you each editor ahead has that one pair of go-to jeans they keep on heavy rotation in their wardrobes, there are certainly other pairs they wear on a more seasonal basis, and today, that's exactly what I was aiming to uncover.

Since getting dressed in the heat of summer serves up a plethora of challenges in general, I was curious to know if there were particular denim styles or materials that these stylish women prefer wearing in the warmer months, in addition to styles they refuse to wear. Lucky for you, they spilled all their denim secrets and revealed the best summer jeans on the market for all of you to shop. No matter where you live or how hot it gets there, the selection ahead will have you ready to tackle summertime dressing (even if it's just indoors) with a pair of stylish and cool jeans at the ready.


Anna LaPlaca

Won't Wear: "I tend to stay away from tight-fitting denim like skinny jeans in the summer since I find them to be uncomfortably snug."

Will Wear: "No matter the time of year, non-stretch, rigid denim is my go-to, but I especially gravitate toward slouchy-fitting denim in the summer. I'm obsessed with the fit and wash of this Agolde pair, which I've been wearing nonstop with all my summer tops and sandals."

Judith Jones

Won't Wear: "I tend not to wear my black skinny jeans as much in summer. They feel too heavy and dark for the sweltering L.A. heat."

Will Wear: "I opt for light-wash denim in summer. This high-waisted, straight-leg pair from Citizens of Humanity is my absolute favorite—and looks great with crop tops, bodysuits, and breezy summer blouses."

Allyson Payer

Won't Wear: "What I can't do in the summer is 100% cotton skinny jeans. I live in the South, so wearing those down here in July would pretty much be enough to ruin your day."

Will Wear: "I prefer lightweight, loose-fitting denim with a tiny bit of stretch in the summer. I've been wearing this J Brand pair constantly since I got them a few weeks ago, and I think I'm going to need them in every wash."

Kristen Nichols

Won't Wear: "When it's hot out, I skip cropped denim since it's a style I only pair with ankle boots."

Will Wear: "For the summer months, I gravitate toward wide-leg denim silhouettes, like these from Totême. Bonus: These are 100% cotton, so they're extra breathable for hot days."

Nicole Eshaghpour

Won't Wear: "When the weather gets warmer, I tend to avoid overly stretchy jeans because I don't like how they stick to your body, and the synthetic materials aren't particularly breathable."

Will Wear: "I wear my rigid, 100% cotton, straight-leg jeans all the time, and summer is no exception. I style them with anything from tees to going-out tops to flat sandals to heels."

Lauren Eggertsen

Won't Wear: "During the summer, I tend to put my low-rise boyfriend jeans aside, as I find they are harder to pair with summer tops—more of an oversize-sweater type of jeans."

Will Wear: "No matter the season, however, I always find myself reaching for classic straight-leg denim. Slvrlake has the best vintage-feeling denim that transcends the test of seasonality."

Won't Wear: "I skip my crazy-tight vintage jeans in the dog days of summer. Nobody needs to be so restricted when air flow is a must!"

Will Wear: "I just wore these Paige jeans to an event during a rather warm day by the beach, and the wide-leg silhouette kept me cool since air could circulate. A relaxed fit is always a good idea when the weather gets hot."