7 Fashion-Girl Denim Trends We're Seeing More and More Of

Let’s just get right down to it—no wardrobe is complete without a solid range of denim pieces. We know you’re on the same page. Can you honestly imagine your favorite off-duty vibe sans the perfect jeans or denim jacket? Exactly. While you certainly have your go-tos, there's no better time to switch it up and experiment with a sampling of fresh trends than right now during the start of a new season.

To fill you in on the most noteworthy denim looks of the moment, we went straight to some of the coolest fashion people for inspiration. This crew has been consistently highlighting forward denim trends that are worth testing out—including offbeat jean looks, unique short silhouettes, statement outerwear picks, and everything in between.

Keep scrolling to check out seven must-try trends and shop the denim pieces that deserve a hero spot in your arsenal this summer.

Denim Bermudas

As one of the more polarizing denim trends of the season, denim Bermuda shorts (or "jorts") will add that instant cool-girl edge to your warm-weather vibe.

Cropped White Jeans

While we're totally down for wearing white denim all year round, the trend (featuring cropped cuts) is particularly perfect for summer.

Frayed Denim Jacket

Consider upgrading your classic denim jacket in favor of a frayed style for a fresh silhouette. 

Straight Black Jeans

On the other hand, don't underestimate the power of a flawless pair of straight-leg black jeans to bring a downtown feel to your off-duty looks.

Ruffled Denim Skirts

Bring a touch of playful sophistication to your summer outfits with a ruffled denim skirt. It's an easy way to make a statement.

Light-Wash Jeans

You'd be hard-pressed to find a fashion person who doesn't have light-wash jeans in their arsenal. That ideal pair will make any ensemble seem laid-back and of-the-moment.

Short Denim Shorts

Not feeling the Bermudas trend? Go for the hiked-up look with short denim shorts to kick it on the weekends this season.

Asymmetrical Jeans

Don't be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone by testing out offbeat denim silhouettes like an eye-catching asymmetrical pick.