The Cool Summer Sandal Trend We Can't Get Over

We love chic and simple ways to add a bit of edge to our summer wardrobe, which is why we’ve been setting our sights on studded sandals this season. There’s something about this trend that gives anything you’re wearing an air of cool, and who wouldn’t want that?

With the sunny, warm days and the laid-back mood that comes with summer, there isn’t a better time to swap out your most-loved sneakers and slip on a pair of sandals. With a studded pair, they’ll add just enough of that extra something you could want in your ensemble. Wear them with the latest summer dress or with a chic denim skirt–and-shirt combination.

We searched the internet for the best studded sandals to wear with all your outfits during the summer. From classic flats and slides to mules and wedges, there’s a style that’ll add some flair to any ensemble no matter your personal style.

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