7 of the Best Strapless Bras Ever, According to Our Editors

Best Strapless Bras


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No matter how much you hate strapless bras, there really is no avoiding them during the summer. Even if you're a free-the-nip kind of a person yourself, there always seems to be one or two events or even specific articles of clothing that require wearing one. So instead of having you dig through your underwear drawer for that one strapless bra you wore in high school that may or not be from Forever 21, we're here to share our personal favorites that have been tried and tested. You know, so you don't have to.

Each of the Who What Wear editors here has tried their fair share of strapless bras (and bras in general), have written countless stories about the ones with the best customer reviews, and so on and so forth. So would we say trusting us as legit sources is a wise choice? Yes, we would. Below, you will find the best bras these fashion editors have ever worn. If you truly do put your trust in us on this topic, your annoying search for the perfect strapless bra can officially end today.

Judith Jones

"This bra is ridiculously comfortable. I bought it for my wedding (it looked so seamless under my dress), and I've worn it countless times thereafter. The light padding provides my flat chest with the little oomph I'm looking for."

Allyson Payer

"I make myself try bras from different brands, but I always come back to Natori. This one is undetectable under clothes and is actually pretty comfortable."

Lauren Eggertsen

It took me years to locate a strapless bra that works wonders, but this one really does the trick. It's comfortable, always stays up, and involves the least amount of awkward fidgeting out of any other strapless bra I've worn.

Kristen Nichols

"Strapless bras are typically designed to be utilitarian, but this one is as beautiful as it is functional."

Anna LaPlaca

"I can wear this bra all day and night and can count on the fact that I won't have to keep pulling it up. Oh, and it's prettier than any others I've ever owned."

Nicole Eshaghpour

"I'm actually the person who doesn't own a strapless bra, but my research is telling me that this is the one I need to buy." 

Erin Fitzpatrick

"You can always count on Spanx to make you look like yourself but better, and this strapless bra is no different."

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