The 16 Best Strapless Bras at Nordstrom, According to Customer Reviews

Best strapless bras Nordstrom



Shopping for a strapless bra can be more effort than its worth. So much so that you just might want to forgo the bra altogether. That being said, not everyone feels comfortable going completely braless, which means some extra support is needed. In this case, you’ll have to consider adding a strapless bra to your lingerie drawer, but if you’re anything like us, even the idea of searching for the best strapless bras that don’t keep you fidgeting every five minutes sounds like a grueling (and annoying) task.

Thanks to the internet, reliable retailers such as Nordstrom, and honest customer reviews, we can save ourselves a lot of time and no longer have to try out different bra styles and sizes. One deep dive through the comments on different types of bras, and you’ll find the good, the bad, and the ugly. Among those, though, you’ll find a handful of bras that customers simply can’t stop raving about.

Below are the best strapless bras Nordstrom has to offer based on customer reviews, along with a few tidbits to see just why they love them so much.

4.9 Stars & 1068 Customer Reviews

"I needed a bra for a dress with a sheer bodice. Being a natural ‘G’ cup makes it pretty impossible to wear a strapless bra. This bra actually worked!! I purchased clear straps that could not be seen thru the dress. It gave support with out making me look like my breasts were one!"

4.1 Stars & 134 Customer Reviews

"Considering this is a stick on bra it does last quite a long time! Always a must have for dresses or unique cut clothing."

4.1 Stars & 68 Reviews

"This is one of my favorite strapless bras ever! Ordering a bra online can be a little tricky sometimes, but this fit perfectly. I ordered the one in nude and I will most likely buy the black one as well for summer time. It isn't uncomfortable at all & stays in place. I wear a 34C and it fits nicely."

4.1 Stars & 6 Customer Reviews

"This is my absolute favorite strapless bra, EVER! I've never had a strapless bra that fit so well, was so supportive AND so comfortable! (I honestly didn't know it was possible with a larger bust!)."

4.2 Stars & 207 Customer Reviews

"I am a 34D and love to wear strapless tops and dresses. I was unable to find a bra that I forgot I was wearing it. No pulling it up or adjusting. I did not think bra like this exhisted!"

4.1 Stars & 150 Customer Reviews

"So happy with this! I have asymmetry, so the push up is a must. I've tried dozens in the past few years and this is a winner! Comfortable enough and flattering. Definitely stays put with the silicone on the band. I ended up in my usual size."

4.5 Stars & 48 Customer Reviews

"I'm 53 years old and this is the first strapless bra that I have tried that I actually feel lifted and secure in! I've never written a review on anything I've purchased online but had to for this one. I'm a 32dd and nothing has worked for me before. This bra was sort of my last shot at a chance to wear off-the-shoulder styles and I'm glad I gave it a try. Excellent bra!!"

5 Stars & 5 Reviews

"This bra is arguably more comfortable than my regular bras. I can wear it all day with no issues. I even forgot a regular bra one day visiting my parents and had to go with this strapless bra while working 13 hours as a nurse (Ie running around all day and in multiple positions) without problem."

4.1 Stars & 39 Customer Reviews

"I purchased this bra to wear with a strapless dress. It worked great! I love the feel and support so much that I added the straps back and wear it regularly. Would definitely recommend!"

3.5 Stars & 102 Customer Reviews

"Love this strapless backless bra! It’s easy to apply and it looks great under my dresses and tops. The underwire is definitely a plus! The bra stay secure through out the day. Best of all, it comes off easily. I have worn it several times and the bra still stays securely in place!"

4.1 Stars & 95 Customer Reviews

"This is the ONLY strapless bra I have ever owned that is actually comfortable. It isn’t too tight around the way that most strapless bras are and yet it also stays put. It doesn’t fall down. I have honestly forgotten that I am wearing a strapless bra while wearing it"

4.0 Stars & 18 Customer Reviews

"I've been looking for a strapless bra that works for years. FOUND IT!!!!! This bra is comfortable and holds my girls (42DDD) in place without fear of falling out. I'll finally be able to wear my strapless tops and dresses again. Love it!"

3.5 Stars & 312 Customer Reviews

"Seems to be a good bra for those deeply cut blouses and shirts, and accommodates wider neck/chest tops too. Lies down well at the strap attachment. May stick out a little bit at the bottom of the boning on the band. Seems like it gives enough coverage and boost (for me, at least)."

4.2 Stars & 8 Customer Reviews

"Finally a nude for people of color! The caramel color is the perfect nude for me, but I also wear berry (darkest shade). They still compliment my skin tone and don't draw attention when wearing white shirts. This will be perfect to wear under razor back tops!"

4.0 Stars & 21 Customer Reviews

"Obsessed with Simone Perele's strapless bras; they're the only kind I've ever purchased that actually stay up and give me support. I'm 32D, but also purchased one when I was 32DD, and that one supported me, too. They also appear seamless under clothing."

4.2 & 62 Customer Reviews

"Love this bra! After wearing cozy nursing bras for the past year, I was not looking forward to buying a strapless bra with an underwire. They’re always so uncomfortable. It this bra fits perfectly, and is very comfortable. The band does seem snug at first, but fits nicely."

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