Finally, a Strapless Bra That Makes Sense (and It's $35)



Strapless bras are basically the bane of every woman's existence. It seems like no matter how many different brands, styles, band widths (the list goes on) we try, finding one that actually stays up is nearly impossible. Well, lingerie (or “leisurée,” as the brand likes to call it) maker Lively just came out with its first strapless bra, and we have a feeling this one might a game changer. Coming in two different styles and ringing in at just $35 (how?!), Lively’s new style even looks like it makes more sense than most strapless bras… and that’s before you try it on.

The brand informed us that “Lively’s Smooth Strapless and Lace Strapless feature active-inspired banding for a snug, yet comfortable fit, and the Lace Strapless Bra’s ultra-feminine details offer flirty peekaboo accents under breezy summer apparel. Featuring Lively’s signature ‘high comfort meets high style’ aesthetic, these two stunning strapless bra styles (size 32A–38DD) will be your ultimate summer styling pieces.” It’s the combination of active-inspired banding and delicate details that makes this bra stand out from the crowd. So this time around, you know you’re buying into a strapless bra that won’t slip, sag, or uncomfortably dig in anywhere. Ready to see them for yourself?

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