9 Stores That Are So Good You'll Forget All About Your Monthly Zara Haul


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It feels like there's a new store opening every day, and while it's hard to decide which ones to trust with your hard-earned dollars, there are quite a few that I know about that will instantly prompt you to reconsider your habitual Zara haul. Whether you've already heard of these names or they feel like hidden gems, I promise you that giving any of them a try will certainly not disappoint. I say this as a person who has given each and every one of them a spin herself.

From curated boutiques with an artisanal touch to innovative online platforms that prioritize sustainability, each of these stores has something special to offer. After one order from them, the fast-fashion giants will be no longer as amusing as finding something that's just a bit off the beaten path. Say goodbye to the predictable and immerse yourself in the world of these nine brands.

1. Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti is the all-grown-up version of Zara. At Who What Wear, we're obsessed with it. Its pieces feel and look like designer but have a contemporary price point. If you're looking to build a capsule wardrobe with award-winning pieces, this one is for you.

2. Reformation

We all know Reformation for wedding guest dresses but for me, its wardrobe-staple pieces have been stealing the show. The brand has everything Zara offers, from cozy knits to very flattering jeans, but is sustainable AF.

I look at & Other Stories as a store that I can pop into at any time and always find something that I need. It has curated a collection of fun pieces I'm always excited to put on.

4. Mango

Mango still feels like Europe's secret, but with new locations popping up all the time in the U.S., I've grown quite familiar with its amazing pieces. If you love trendy buys, this one is definitely for you.

5. Pixie Market

This past fashion week, three Who What Wear editors coincidentally ended up wearing the same Pixie Market top. Now, that's how you know that something is good. The brand has a way of tapping into the trends without giving up its love for great basics, so naturally, I'm obsessed.

6. COS

COS is an often-overlooked high-street store that really has it all. Its modern approach to fashion is a source of excitement unlike any other. Every item I buy from there ends up staying in my closet for quite some time.

7. Aritzia

Aritzia has never failed me in the quality department, and its list of new items is always extensive. If my whole closet was made out of Aritzia, I wouldn't be complaining.

8. Oak + Fort

Oak + Fort feels like a new name on the block that everyone's wearing. The brand has its own renditions of all of the cute designer items I've been eyeballing and amazing staples.

9. Dissh

Dissh is the Australian brand that's captivated the fashion crowd. I can't go on my Instagram feed without noticing someone wearing its items. If you want to add a "Santa Monica cool" element to your wardrobe, start here.

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