We Predict This Will Be the Trending Top of the Summer

Sometimes a trend comes along that's so simple that anyone can get in on it without feeling like they're being too ostentatiously "fashion." Today, that trend is the sleeveless T-shirt. Once reserved for rock stars like Debbie Harry, thanks to brand of the moment The Frankie Shop's versions, this top is now firmly back on the fashion industry's radar.

The defining details of the current style are that it needs to be sleeveless (of course) but with slightly oversize shoulders and a round neck. Colours are kept simple with white, cream, black and grey being the most acceptable hues. However, stripes and muted pastels are also great options. Further proof that this trend is going to be ubiquitous for the season is that you can find the top from luxury brands such as The Row and high-street stores like Weekday—ideal for whatever your budget is. And if you're saving the pennies right now? You can always chop off the sleeves of a T-shirt you don't love anymore. 

Before you decide to invest, perhaps it would be good to know how to wear this look? The brilliant thing about it is that it's a simple top, so you can wear it with anything, and it'll look great. My personal preference is to pair with jeans, but a denim skirt would look just as fab or a pair of shorts when it gets hot in the summer. As for accessories, layered gold chains and a pair of oversize black sunglasses would be the perfect companions. Keep scrolling to see how to wear the sleeveless T-shirt, and then shop our favourites for the season. 


(Image credit: @carodaur)

Style Notes: Keep it simple with layered necklaces and a pair of blue jeans. 


(Image credit: @alyssainthecity)

Style Notes: If in doubt, just add a white tank top to your fave high-waisted jeans.


(Image credit: @yoyokulala)

Style Notes: Ideal for wearing with shorts and hats during the summer. 


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Style Notes: Make this top work-friendly by pairing with tailored trousers. 


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Style Notes: Reminder that you'll want to keep this top on rotation for autumn when you'll bring your over-the-knee boots back out. 


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Elinor Block