I'm a Fashion Editor—I Know Better Than to Wear These 7 Things RN

As you might expect, I’m one of the pickiest people I know when it comes to fashion. When it’s time for a closet clean out, I come prepared with receipts and try to get rid of anything that feels outdated. It can be hard to get rid of things when I have the knowledge that pretty much everything always comes back in style. So I decided to do a breakdown of the items I'm surely okay with putting away for the time being.

As with any fashion advice you hear, always follow the beat of your own drum. It may sound cheesy, but if you're madly in love with tie-dye or any other trend I'm not currently wearing, know that personal style comes from wearing what makes you feel best and sends the cohesive image of your identity. I held nothing back in my below list of trends that I'm just not feeling at the moment, so I encourage you to take a deep dive and let me know if you disagree.

Read on to find out the seven things that, as a fashion editor, I know better than to wear right now.

Tear: Tie-Dye
Wear: Crochet

If anyone asks me what my favorite trends are right now, I'm going to have to start with crochet. While I used to have so much love for the tie-dye trend, this trend also channels the carefree Woodstock vibe but feels more elevated.

Tear: V-Neck T-Shirt
Wear: Ribbed Tanks



Wardrobe staples evolve over time, and those V-neck T-shirts we used to know and love have had their moment. Make room in your closet for ribbed white tank tops that you can wear under everything. Every fashion editor I know has drawers full of them.

Everyone's favorite tank-top silhouette.

This would look so good paired with something khaki.

No need to hide your bra straps when you have this one.

Tear: Cow Print
Wear: Zebra Print

Welcome to the jungle. Despite how big of a trend cow print was just recently, I'd step away from the print. Zebra prints or maybe even leopards feel much more exotic. The jungle vibe is everything right now.

You'll hear about my love for maxi dresses later.

Tear: Beaded Embellishments
Wear: Sequins Everywhere

Beaded embellishments have been a wedding-guest or prom staple for decades, but I'd say it's time we swap them out for sequins. The '80s deserve the be remembered and this is a great way to pay homage to Madonna.


A top that you can dress up or down is a must.

These shoes are more comfortable than you'd think and are perfect for dancing all night.

Tear: Aggressive Shoulder Pads
Wear: Maxi Hemlines



If you went through my search history, you'd be sure to find maxi dresses coming up many many times. After being a miniskirt girl for my entire life, this trend has finally gotten me to change my ways. I now know the power of a longer hemline and it's here to stay in my closet.


Cutouts are a great way to introduce yourself to the maxi dress trend.

Tear: Ankle Boots
Wear: Knee-High Boots



Ankle boots are cute, but once you see how much longer your legs will look when you sport a knee-high pair, you'll never go back. I never thought I'd see the day when people wear boots in summer, but here we are.


The platform at the front of the foot helps makes these boots more comfortable.

Because we still have love for riding boots.

Tear: Skinny Jeans
Wear: Loose Denim

It's no secret that skinny jeans are on the "out" right now, but if you're still loving them, feel free to embrace that. I, on the other hand, will not leave the house in a pair of pants that isn't baggy. My love for loose tailored trousers and wide-leg denim is stronger than ever.


Honestly, one of the greatest pairs of jeans I've ever seen.

You can't go wrong with dark-wash denim right now.