Florence Pugh Convinced Me That This Forgotten Wardrobe Staple Is Coming Back


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I spent last Sunday at home with a bag of candy and the Oscars running in the back while I typed away musings about the best dressed attendees. Early on in the night, Florence Pugh walked the carpet and set a very high bar for those who followed her. One of the aspects of her ensemble honestly blew my mind. If you told me a few hours before that someone would walk the red carpet wearing a "skort," I simply wouldn't believe you.

The wardrobe staple had its moment in the 2010s, so I honestly didn't expect to see it come out to play on Oscars night, especially since I've often associated it with casual and low-key summer days. 


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However, while wearing Valentino Couture, Pugh instantly had me convinced that this long-forgotten wardrobe staple would be back with a vengeance this summer. After a brief sweep through my favorite retailers, I came to realize quickly that I wasn't the only person who feels that way.

So let's get you started on that summer wardrobe. Below, you can find 30 skorts that are editor approved.

I've never seen a more "fashion person" skort in my life. Do what you want with this information.

Okay, but I feel like a skort that comes in tweed-suit form is an absolute must for the working fashion person.

I live for matching sets in the summer, so you know this one is right up my alley.

I've had my eye on this moment from Staud for a few weeks—should I go for it?

I can't think of a better item to dance the night away in. You'll never worry about showing too much.

Just imagine this with a white button-down shirt and an ice cream cone in hand this summer. Chef's kiss. 

This is a runway look, so I feel like I should be gatekeeping it. 

Helmut Lang just knows how to speak my language.

There's just something about a skort that comes in plaid.

People will be asking where you got this one.

This is a very good workwear take on the trend.

This might be my all-time favorite.

My mind immediately goes to a Britney Spears music video.

You can't go wrong with black.

This feels like a cool-girl moment if I ever saw one.

I'll leave you with this because it will never fail you.