Long Story Short—Short Sleeve Cardis Are In

Although this trend seems simple, it is one I am very excited to be writing about. When cardigans became a thing again sometime last year, I instantly joined the bandwagon, swapping cropped tops for cropped cardigans, wearing them more as shirts and less as an extra layer. The look always came across as smart and forward—two things that are always a goal in my book. 

Well, fast-forward to today and the spring/summer version of this must-have sweater trend is here. It's basically the same, but a bit more seasonal: short sleeve cardigans. No, this is not that revolutionary, but it's a top style that once you try, you won't be able to quit. Come summer, I plan on wearing short sleeve cardigans with everything from jeans to slip skirts buttoned up as a top. So whenever you get tired of your white T-shirts, tank tops, or fussy blouses, rest assured that short sleeve cardis are your new best friend and you can thank me for that singlehandedly. Just kidding. Kind of. 

Ahead, shop a handful of some of my favorite short sleeve cardigans—ones that if you don't buy today, I will tomorrow, so act fast. 

And you'll need this one in all four colors it comes in. 

Tell me this didn't put a smile on your face.

Replace your white T-shirt with this for the rest of the season. 

Slime green is the color trend that won't quit. 

An outfit that will go down in history. 

Wear this open or closed—both looks feel equally fresh. 

Yes, yes, and yes to the all-neutral look.

Technically this has three-quarter-length sleeves, but it was too cute to not include. 

Wear this tucked in for a more elevated feel. 

The seams on this top are extremely flattering to any shape. 

Not not your grandma's cardigan. 

A classic Missoni knit you'll wear for seasons to come. 

This outfit is so simple, but so perfect. 

A vintage feel without all the aimless sifting.