My Mom Is 60 and Shops at Nordstrom, H&M, & Madewell for These 5 Trends

Your age should have absolutely nothing to do with your style choices. That being said, we often do turn to women over 50, in particular, for some of that expert sartorial guidance given the set’s experience fine-tuning their wardrobes over the years. And yep, this includes my mother Nancy, who is 60. I’ve tapped her a few times to showcase some of the trends and outfits she loves and/or wants to test out. On one of our latest Zoom catch-ups, I asked her about the specific trends she’s into, and where she often sources trends when she’s shopping.

Fun fact, three of her go-to stores just happen to be Nordstrom, Madewell, H&M. This trio of shops honestly makes sense given they often stock what she's looking for—classic pieces to fit within her timeless style, along with those fun, trend-forward items.

Interested in the looks she’s feeling? Keep scrolling to uncover the five trends my mother is all about, complete with visual outfit inspiration from fashion people and shopping recommendations.

Forward Tees

"I love a classic white tee, but I'm also into those slightly more unique styles that make more of a statement and feel different."

Statement Midi and Maxi Dresses

Easy fashion trend: midi dress



"If I'm wearing a dress, it's typically a midi or maxi style. Nordstrom, Madewell, and H&M always have what I'm looking for."

Modern Blazers

Easy fashion trend: blazer



"I've been into the blazer trend all year long as an easy way to look sophisticated. I always get compliments on my outfit when I have one on."

Strappy Sandals

Easy fashion trend: strappy sandals



"I love those strappy sandals people are wearing these days. Simple yet fashionable."

Sleek Button-Downs

"It makes me so happy that you told me white button-downs are basically considered 'on trend' for the season. I love the classic nature and am actually looking for a new updated style to wear now."