The Cutest, Most Comfortable Shoes to Wear to Concerts



Anyone who’s been to a concert knows that if you have on the wrong shoes, you’re toast. You’re probably going to be walking a lot (why are the parking lots always so far away?), not to mention standing a lot, so you want something comfortable. Plus, as with any crowded place where there are beverages present, you don’t want your pristine suede boots or white sneakers to become a casualty of the fun event. And last but certainly not least, you want stylish shoes to go with your equally stylish outfit. What’s a showgoer to do given these footwear limitations? Not to worry—we found the best shoes to wear to a concert, all of which will see you through from opening act to encore (without crippling you or getting ruined in the process) and all are versatile enough to wear to any concert venue.

Read on to find out what the best concert shoes are so you can be the best-dressed fan at the show.