The Only 19 Shoes to Wear to the Beach

If we’re being honest, all we can think about is setting up our OOO email, packing up, and heading to the beach. There’s nothing like the feeling of sand beneath your feet, but considering the sand and water, having the best shoes for the beach is necessary. That being said, not every pair of summer shoes will be appropriate for a trip to the beach—anything resembling a heel is a definite no-go.

But as fashion lovers, we still want to be chic while we’re soaking in the sun. So we asked professional surfer Tia Blanco to provide her expert opinion as a woman who spends her days (literally) on the beach.

“Lately I have been wearing slides to the beach,” Blanco shares. “I love how easily I can put them on before and after I go for a surf. The right pair can also look good with a pair of jeans.” As for her favorite pair of the moment, she loves a beach-ready pair of Adidas slides.

Whether you love a pair of athletic-inspired pool slides for your days off or prefer a simpler woven pair, we’ve rounded up the coolest slide styles to take to your next trip to the beach. Check them out below.

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