The 7 Best Shoes for High Arches



If you’re a city girl, you know that when it comes to shoes, form follows function, as comfort and support are the priority when you’re trekking from downtown to uptown and back again. This is especially true if you have high arches, as finding the right shoes can be challenging. However, style shouldn’t have to submit to support, and we believe that you can, in fact, have the best of both worlds.

If you have dainty, high arches, fret not—you won’t be condemned to wearing sneakers with orthotics all summer long. There’s no reason you can’t have your cake and eat it too in the form of this season’s hottest shoe trends. It’s just a matter of looking for some key characteristics like rigidity, padding around the ankle, a well-cushioned footbed, and space around the toes so you can move them freely.

These components in a shoe will keep you walking comfortably all day, from coffee to shopping to a late lunch with friends. Keep reading to find out the best shoes for high arches and shop some of our favorite styles.


These shoes have far more shock absorption than a mule, don’t bend easily, and have more support around the ankle which are all characteristics we look for in shoes for high arches. Plus, a classic loafer is the perfect way to dress up a summer look when you’re headed into the office. Win, win.

Slingback Block Heels

A perfect complement to any flowing skirt or tailored pant, a slingback with a block heel provides everything we’re looking for— ankle straps for ankle support, a low heel (preferably less than one and a half inches) for reduced tension on your foot, and a wider box toe so your toes can wiggle around. These are the perfect brunch date companion.


Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Birkenstock-style shoes are here for the next 90 days minimum, and whether you’re here for the look or not, your feet will definitely be happy. This “ugly” shoe trend provides good shock absorption and arch support and is basically orthopedic footwear as a fashion statement. You’re welcome.


They say the higher the heel the closer to god, but we’re saying the closer you are to long-term foot injuries. Instead of high heels over three inches (who wants to walk around in those anyway?), opt for a cute wedge that not only pairs perfectly with boyfriend jeans or a sundress but will also provide more balance and support.


Sneakers are an obvious choice for comfort and support, but luckily they’re also a long-standing fashion trend. Whether it’s a fashion sneaker or a more traditional Nike Running shoe, these will provide absorption and cushioning for arch support.

Cowboy Boots

The cowboy boot craze is still hot and heavy this summer as we’ve transitioned from styling them with tailored suit pants to instead pairing them with long, silky animal-print slips. Fortunately for the cheetah-print midi skirt sitting in your closet, this Western style is usually accompanied by a low heel, padded soles, and ankle support. That might explain why fashion girls have been seen wearing them all over fashion week.

Ankle Boots

As a forever-fan of pairing ruffled, flowing dresses with Dr. Martens, I can’t complain that they happen to be good for my feet as well. While it’s true that encasing your foot in black leather may not be the best option when daytime temps reach above 90s, they can be the perfect choice for cooler evenings when you’re headed out for dinner. Let’s face it, there are few shoes more comfortable.