The 5 Nordstrom Shoes Women Across the U.S. Are Buying in Droves

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Since practically everyone in the country shops on Black Friday, it can be very indicative of what trends people are into. Who What Wear's commerce team is at the pulse of that, at least as far as our readers are concerned, and just as they did with jeans and pants, they've filled us in on the Black Friday purchases that people were making in droves. Lo and behold, five of the six best sellers were Nordstrom finds (these beauties were the sixth). Not only that, but they were all affordable even before Black Friday commenced. 

It's no secret that Nordstrom excels on the shoe front, but its inventory can be overwhelming, to say the least, so any insight into what people are really buying from the mega-retailer is very intriguing to us. With that, scroll on to behold (and buy, if you're so inclined) the five best-selling Black Friday shoes among our readers, some of which are still on sale.

The wide opening of these ankle boots makes them perfect for pairing with skinny jeans.

It's easy to see why these versatile pumps are a crowd favorite.

These classic sneakers will never die, and that's fine by us.

Have you ever seen chicer waterproof shoes?

The hiker boot trend is clearly officially a thing.

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Our readers are truly obsessed with these comfortable cowboy boots.

We're ditching our boring loafers for these. 

These It sneakers are still going strong.

How are these still in stock?

One more hiker boot, for good measure.

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