The One Thing That Can Actually Make Cute Sandals Really Comfortable

As cute as they can be, sandals aren’t exactly the most comfortable footwear option out there. Between the sleek, minimalist styles made with ultra-thin soles to keep your feet from touching the ground and the heeled iterations that—even in their most comfortable forms—still have some height to them, chances are these shoes aren’t the first things you reach for when you plan to be on your feet all day. But if there’s one thing that’ll make your sandals that much more comfortable (and worthy of an hour-long walk), it’s a detail you might not suspect: arch supports.

Sandals with arch support



There once was a time when you might have associated arch supports with the likes of your parents and your grandparents (and naturally, their podiatrists), looking past the useful feature for something more aesthetically driven. However, in an era when comfort takes the top priority in fashion, it’s something we can no longer ignore. 

Are you tracking with me? If you’re looking for the best sandals with arch support (and ones that’ll go seamlessly with each of your ensembles), scroll on to see our favorites on the market now.

Slip these on when you're heading out of the house for errands.

A luxurious take on the two-strap sandal trend.

You'll never want to take these off, especially considering the cool leopard-print straps.

Want an option that has some edge? Get these.

Hands down, these will be some of the most comfortable sandals you own.

Take a trip back to your camping days with these bandana-adorned sandals.

Since these were made in collaboration with Birkenstock, you know these will be comfortable.

Sporty slides, but make it designer fashion.

Add the springtime take on the chunky-sneaker trend with these from Ugg.

The arch support on this is subtle, but the impact on your feet will be major.

Another popular version from Birkenstock, for when you want to mix things up.

As you continue to wear these, the bed of the shoe will conform to the shape of your fit.

You'll wear these for almost everything—guaranteed.

Wear these with a pair of cropped jeans or track shorts.

Now, the comfortable shoe trend It girls can't stop wearing.

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