The '90s Item Everyone at Who What Wear Is Losing It Over

"Losing it over" is an understatement. There are those rare (okay, maybe not that rare) moments in our office where everyone flips over the same product. When said product is from the '90s and requires a bit of a hunt, we're even more intrigued. Add some glitz and glam and tell us we can wear it with all our jeans and we're over the moon. The item that has all of us in a tizzy at this exact moment is rhinestone belts.

Rhinestone belts had a major moment during the '90s both on the runway and off. Characters like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City wore the trend over her bare belly, as did our editor in chief, Kat Collings, while the rest of us are slipping the crystal accessory through our favorite pair of jeans and calling it a day. At first glance (especially when you see some of the Etsy photos I pulled… apologies in advance), rhinestone belts might seem a tad tacky, but it's all about how you style them. Would we recommend opting for a head-to-toe '90s look while donning the accessory trend? Probably not. But when paired with a cool vintage tee, your favorite jeans, and chunky sneakers, you'll look like the chicest '90s girl from the 21st century.

Ahead shop my favorite rhinestone belts (that I seriously had to dig for) and check out some of my favorite It girls rocking the trend the right way.

This is how people were styling this trend on the '90s runways.

Need a glitzy accessory for your next cocktail party? Throw this on over your look for the perfect finishing touch.

Crystal belt over your bare belly? Do you dare to try to the look? We hope you do.

Proof that an everyday outfit can be completely transformed thanks to the addition of this sparkly accessory.

Your jeans and T-shirts will thank you for this one. 

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