Red Is Defining Fall 2023, and These 34 Pieces Are Just Dreamy

Every season, there's one trend that takes off a little bit harder than the rest. Sometimes it's a particular shoe style or a silhouette that the fashion crowd fixates on, but this season, it's a color: red. We saw designers highlight this hue during their F/W 23 runway shows last spring, so we knew it would be big, but it's arguably become the defining trend of the season. If you've scrolled through Instagram recently, you've probably noticed pops of fiery red sprinkled throughout your favorite fall outfits—whether it be a chic bag tucked under the arm, a crew-neck sweater wrapped around the shoulders, or a beautiful slingback heel.

Bold, cherry-red pieces are turning up everywhere right now, and it's a trend that's only poised to get bigger. The S/S 24 runway shows last month solidified that red will continue to dominate next year and evolve into deeper shades of oxblood. Since red has proven to be a trend with staying power, I figured it was worth highlighting the pieces that feel truly special. From statement shoes to cozy cashmere and bold outerwear, below are the 34 best red pieces to add to your cart this fall. 

Leave it to Réalisation to make the coolest dress in the season's It color. 

TikTok is going to lose it over this one. 

Take date night up a notch. 

The easiest way to add a pop of red.

I never knew I needed a full oxblood look until now.

I own these pants in another color, and the fit is 10/10. 

There's nothing chicer than a maxi skirt.

Pair with tights for the ultimate fall 2023 outfit.

Accessories are the best way to dip a toe in the red trend pool.

People will mistake these for vintage.

Notice the subtle sequin detail.

Shop the matching Carolina Tank ($150).

These would look so chic with loose jeans. 

A fall date-night top if I've ever seen one.