These 5 Latin American Brands Have the Prettiest Summer Prints in the Game


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When I recently sifted through my Instagram saved folder, I noticed that I'd been bookmarking a ton of beautifully unique prints—most of them from brands based in Latin America. While I've always loved prints, I think cheerful patterns will be particularly popular this summer as the world slowly comes out on the other end of the pandemic. Why wouldn't you want to wear something that feels celebratory and stylish at the same time? 

Hailing from Colombia and Uruguay, the five brands I've included below have all mastered the art of the summer print. There are no ordinary, run-of-the-mill designs here: Everything is wonderfully original and often made by hand. Scroll down to shop for the best summer prints from Latin American brands. 

Agua by Agua Bendita 


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Each Agua by Agua Bendita piece is handmade by talented female artisans in Colombia. I'm constantly in awe of the brand's beautiful prints, which include flowers, trees, coral, animals, and more. 

On Chrissy Teigen: Agua by Agua Bendita Almendra Off-The-Shoulder Maxi Dress ($680)

Cala de la Cruz


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Cala de la Cruz, which was founded in Cali, Colombia, has a penchant for retro designs. The brand is committed to sustainable practices, including using recyclable fabrics and packaging, reducing emissions by producing locally in Colombia, and printing digitally to reduce waste.

On Nane Miller: Cala de la Cruz Alison One Piece ($270) and Liliana Pants ($325)

Silvia Tcherassi


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Silvia Tcherassi is a family-run business from Colombia that consistently designs covetable pieces. The brand has an uncanny ability to reinvent itself each season while staying true to its core DNA.

On Belen Hostalet: Silvia Tcherassi dress

Johanna Ortiz


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Johanna Ortiz opened a beautiful atelier in her hometown of Cali, Colombia, in order to "cultivate innovative craftsmanship and inspire playful creativity." Ortiz describes her brand as "elegance formed in joy," and I couldn't agree more. The handmade pieces are so luxurious. 

On Makeda: Johanna Ortiz dress

Margo Baridon 


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Margo Baridon is a beautiful made-in-Uruguay brand that excels at colors, prints, ruffles, and more. 

On Kelly Talamas: Margo Baridon dress

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