Every Time I Wear This "Frumpy" Shorts Trend, I Get Compliments

I think it's safe to say that my days of wearing super short cutoff shorts are done. If that's your favorite style, I support you, but I feel much more comfortable in something with a little more coverage. Last summer, I started dipping a toe into the pleated shorts trend. I used to equate this trend with '90s moms, but I later realized that there are so many cool ways to wear them, no matter what aesthetic you're going for. 

There are plenty of fashion items out there that are obvious compliment bait, like bags and sunglasses, but I guess I hadn't expected to receive many compliments on my collection of "frumpy" pleated shorts. But whenever I wear a pair, someone tells me that they like my shorts, which makes me want to keep buying them, of course. As luck would have it, there's lots of pleated shorts styling inspiration on Instagram, some of which I'm sharing with you below. And if you're as inspired to wear the trend as I am, I found 19 chic pairs to choose from for your own summer wardrobe needs.

How to style pleated shorts



Styling Tip: Sneakers and socks, of course.

Pleated shorts outfit



Styling Tip: Make it a matching set.

And these, since you can wear them straight into fall.

Styling Tip: Add a blazer to make it a suit.

These also come in zebra print, and you're going to want both.

Styling Tip: Transition your shorts into fall via an oversize blazer and turtleneck.

Chic pleated shorts outfit



Styling Tip: Opt for neutrals.

This is actually a great deal for leather shorts.

Another green pair that's also very chic.

Styling Tip: Pair them with your prettiest white blouse.

Anine Bing coming through with a great pair of pleated shorts, naturally.

Pleated shorts trend



Styling Tip: Channel your inner Annie Hall.

I can't believe these are $13 either.

Styling Tip: Belt them to define your waist.

How to wear pleated shorts



Styling Tip: Embrace the relaxed look with a slouchy sweater.

Pixie Market always gets the trend right.

I can't stop thinking about these.

Styling Tip: Pair with heels to dress them up.

Pleated shorts



Styling Tip: Color, because summer.

This airy silk material will keep you especially cool.

All you need is a white T-shirt and some sandals.

How to style pleated shorts



Styling Tip: Contrast the bagginess with something fitted.

As on-trend as denim shorts get right now.

Another pair you can wear straight into fall.