I'm in My 30s—These Are the Shorts I Will and Won't Wear Anymore

I love shorts. No matter my age, I'll never be someone who doesn't wear them. I grew up in the South, and after a long hiatus living elsewhere, I'm back, so wearing shorts is second nature to me when it's hot out. But as I approach age 36, I drift farther and farther away from the types of shorts I wore in my 20s. 

Before I continue, I will say that I don't believe in "dressing for your age." As cliché as it sounds, age is just a number and you should dress however you feel the most comfortable. This is just my personal experience with this most popular of summer items. That said, as I move closer to 40, the shorts in my closet have changed along with the rest of my wardrobe, for one reason or another, and I'm happy to see that current shorts trends are coincidentally reflective of that.

Keep scrolling to find out which shorts styles I've ditched and which I've replaced them with.

Will: Pleated Shorts
Won't: Low-Rise Shorts

I honestly don't remember ever wearing low-rise shorts, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen. Either way, my closet has been free of them for as long as I can remember. High-waisted pleated shorts are one of the styles that have taken their place, which are a lot easier to wear than you'd think.

Pleated shorts outfit



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Will: Long and Loose Denim Shorts
Won't: Short Cutoff Denim Shorts

I own more denim shorts than any other style, that's for sure. But as the years go by, the hemlines get longer, and the fit gets looser. If the inseam of a pair of denim shorts is shorter than 2.5 inches, I'm not interested.

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Will: Sweatshorts
Won't: Flowy Shorts

Let me explain. While I love loose-fitting shorts, I've found that those without any structure always make me feel like I'm wearing pajamas out of the house. This summer, I'm instead finding more and more ways to make outfits that include knit sweatshorts look polished. Based on the popularity of the trend on Instagram, I'm not alone.

Will: Tailored Shorts
Won't: Tight Shorts

With the exception of bike shorts, which are very formfitting by nature, I've moved away from tight shorts and toward tailor shorts that are so polished they could even be worn in place of trousers. If you really want to look polished, wear this style with a matching blazer.

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