The New Trend L.A. Girls Are Wearing to the Gym


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When it comes to activewear, we’ve seen everything from the "controversial” legging trend endorsed by celebrities like Hailey Baldwin and nude leggings gaining popularity to the strangest athleisure piece Zara is backing this season and the trend I recommend to all my friends, just to name a few. To add to the list of bold activewear trends, today we’re sharing the look we’re seeing all over Los Angeles.

L.A. girls are giving their go-to black leggings a rest and swapping the workout wardrobe essential for something a little more playful, err, shall we say colorful. The latest trend to wear to workout class is pink leggings. From pretty light hues to vibrant shades of fuchsia, all things pink are trending in Los Angeles gyms and studios right now. To ensure you’re set with the coolest pink leggings, we’re sharing options starting at $30.

Michelle Scanga
Managing Editor
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