30 New-In Forever Pieces That Will Elevate Your Wardrobe for Years to Come

The older I get, the less I find myself obsessing over the latest trends—anyone with me? I’ve tried my fair share of cult items and fleeting fads in my decade of working in fashion, but settling into my own personal style since turning thirty has meant gravitating towards more timeless pieces. Those classics that all work together to create an efficient, polished capsule. Of course, it’s also about trying to be as responsible with my wardrobe purchases as possible, and this more considered approach also means focusing on better fabrics that will last, and pieces that I can be confident I’ll want to pull out next year as much as this one.


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Although it would be nice to start my grown-up wardrobe afresh with one of everything from The Row, that’s far from a reality unless I win this weekend’s Lotto rollover. Instead, though, I am increasingly on the lookout for those premium pieces that feel and look luxurious, but still come in under the £500 mark. These investment buys still feel incredibly special, and they work hard making the rest of my predominantly high street wardrobe look expensive too. Of course, if you’re spending that much on pieces you want to be able to wear them forever, so it’s mostly minimalist, monochrome items I’m being drawn to, that I can guarantee won’t age. 

As I’ve been scrolling through all the new-in drops recently, I’ve been bookmarking all the pieces that fit this description. Mainly so I can start considering which items are truly worth investing in for the new autumn season ahead, but also so I can share my finds with you. Turns out, there’s a lot of beautiful forever pieces in the new collections, ready to elevate your outfits in an instant. From smart wide-leg trousers, to crisp shirts—and I’m even starting to get excited about *whispers* outerwear again.

Keep scrolling and you’ll see the truly timeless new-in pieces I’ve wishlisted lately—and although they look like you’ve spent thousands on them, they’re all under £500. You can thank me later…

Shop the Best New-In Forever Pieces Under £500

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