The Best Personalized Jewelry to Buy in 2018


(Image credit: @margoandme)

Finding a heartfelt, meaningful gift is no easy feat, whether you're searching for something memorable to give your best friend, mother, or grandmother or simply want to buy something for yourself. That's where personalized jewelry comes into play. Because what's more special and thoughtful than gifting that special someone (or yourself) a necklace, ring, or bracelet that's been engraved with their/your initials (or even zodiac sign)? Not much.

Aside from making the perfect present for any and every occasion— from birthdays to weddings—personalized jewelry is truly timeless, trendless, and can be worn year after year, so the oftentimes hefty price tag is more than worth it, especially when you factor in cost per wear. And unlike bold statement necklaces, the dainty customizable pieces are perfect for layering (and can be styled with everything in your wardrobe). Intrigued yet? Then read on to shop some of our favorite personalized jewelry picks.

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Eva Thomas