So, These Pants Might Just Be Better Than Jeans—Thoughts?

If there’s one trend that’s reigned supreme over the last few seasons, it’s athleisure—we’re talking sneakers, track pants, hoodies, and everything in between. Looking for new ways to test out the look? That’s where athleisure enthusiast Anaa Saber comes in. In her new column, the fashion girl behind @oursecondskin will offer up her best styling tricks for those of you looking to inject this cool trend into your everyday lives.

Athleisure is singlehandedly becoming one of my favorite trends embraced by the fashion industry. No, not just because you can throw on a hoodie and call it chic… well, yes, because it’s that simple. Honestly, there are so many aspects of athleisure that make it incredibly versatile; the lack of needless complexity, along with comfort, are two of the most important factors responsible for athleisure’s sudden surge in popularity. With people now being out and about all day, leading their busy lives, comfort is everything. Fashion no longer has to kill.

My favorite athleisure staple right now is track pants. Track pants are everywhere—and they’re not just for the gym anymore. Meaning: It’s possible to go to the gym and then to the office wearing the same look (though I suggest otherwise), by styling it just a little differently. The right styling defines the look, and that involves paying attention to the crux of the outfit, from head to toe. The trick is pairing them with the right key pieces. For a casual look, try sneakers and your favorite band tee. For something more polished, heels and a statement blazer are beyond sleek. Lest we forget accessories, earrings, belts, and chains are all welcome embellishments.

Keep scrolling for three ways to style track pants this season—and shop my must-haves, too.