The Best Off-the-Shoulder Dress Styles for Summer

You may have thought that the fashion industry grew tired of the off-shoulder trend, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, it seems as though brands can’t get enough of this flirtatious silhouette, and neither can we. Point in case? Off-the-shoulder dresses.

Sure, we love a good off-the-shoulder top, but ever since we first laid eyes on the romantic dress trend, we haven’t stopped thinking about it—no matter the season. And this time around, it’s no different. With a handful of new versions on the market to add to our closet, there’s no reason we shouldn’t be baring our shoulders this summer.

Whether it’s the classic straight-across neckline, a little bit of off-the-shoulder action, or added details like ruffles, straps, or smocking, there’s an off-the-shoulder dress for you. To illustrate our point, we pulled together ones in every style for you to wear all summer long.

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