The 47 Best Gifts to Buy At Nordstrom—From Small Surprises to Big Splurges


Courtesy of Nordstrom

Long before I was a fashion editor, Nordstrom was my go-to destination for a lot of things—especially when I needed a gift. I still remember far too many times when I would rush to the mall before a birthday dinner or baby shower and do a quick zip around the store to find exactly what I was looking for. I even worked there in college during the holidays, so you can only imagine where a good portion of my paycheck went. After all these years, my hometown Nordstrom has closed down (RIP), but the retailer is still my number one for all things gifting. I still find myself popping in for a last-minute gift, but with the cream of the crop living online, I've been doing the responsible thing and placing my orders in advance, sometimes adding in a treat for myself. Now that the holiday season is here, the product offering is at its best yet, so whether you're celebrating the holidays or simply have a gift to buy for a miscellaneous reason, you know you have to check it out.

If shopping for gifts isn't your expertise, no need to fret. I rounded up 36 of the best items from Nordstrom that will put a smile on anyone's face. Affordable options, luxury picks, stocking stuffers—everything you'll need is in the list below, and it's all fashion editor (and previous Nordstrom employee who used her discount very generously) approved. Don't save the shopping for the last minute because I guarantee many of the best items will sell out. Keep scrolling—you may even find something for yourself.

The dress that magically looks good on everyone.

This candle brand has a cult following for a reason.

Wear them indoors as slippers or outdoors to go with any cozy ensemble.

The five-star reviews speak for themselves.

If you know someone who doesn't have Le Labo in their beauty cabinet yet, you know what to do.

Gloves are the kind of thing people always forget to buy for themselves, which is why a nice pair makes the perfect gift.

At least the weather's turned… sweater weather!

Staud bags are a fashion-editor favorite.

Try gifting your loved ones with luxurious versions of "mundane" things like bodywash. Why not give someone a treat they wouldn't think to splurge on themselves?

Everyone's favorite Coach bag is finally back in stock, and it now comes in black.

I know pajamas come off as boring gifts, but this pair will make anyone happy.

Cooler than your regular hair clips.

It's like bringing a blanket with you everywhere you go.

After buying cheap water bottles and having them break or stop working, I finally took the plunge on buying one on the pricier side. It's worth it. 

To bring a sense of calm into anyone's space.

Kitchen appliances keep getting prettier, and I approve.

Tory Burch's latest update on their ballet flat is a must-have. 

Celebrity- and fashion set–approved boots. If the Ultra-Mini Boots seem too risky as a gift, be like me and opt for the classic mini. Both are great options!

I haven't stopped thinking about this sweater since I first saw it.

Cashmere: warm, classic, and always a great gift.

Don't be fooled by its small size. This is a cooking gamechanger.

You might even want to buy this for yourself.

Everyone could use a chic sweater like this one.

If you're going to gift designer sunglasses, let them be Prada.

I had to include one more pair of Uggs for good luck.

Who doesn't love new workout gear, especially if it's from Alo?

This bag will fit everything but the kitchen sink. Trust me. (This is coming from a girl who lugs around everything she could possibly need.) Plus, it's an excellent travel bag.

The bag that'll fit all the essentials. (Personally, I think this is a great work or school bag.)