Nordstrom Has Tons of Everyday Bags—These 29 Are the Most Stylish

Best Nordstrom handbags



If you've decided that you need a new handbag without any clue as to where to begin, you've come to the right place. As someone who always has a very clear idea of what type of bag I need in my life, I'm pretty good at narrowing things down, if I do say so myself.

You're here, so I know that you probably love to shop at Nordstrom (who doesn't?), and I imagine that handbags are no exception, as there are thousands to choose from. For this roundup, I'm focusing on everyday bags since they're the ones that'll get the most consistent wear. 

In my opinion, everyday bags don't have to be boring. Nordstrom has plenty of chic options that will elevate your wardrobe and can be worn for years to come, but they still have cool and eye-catching elements to them. With that, scroll on to shop my edit of the most stylish everyday bags at Nordstrom. Good luck choosing—but at least you're not choosing from 5.7k (the number of bags Nordstrom has available right now).

This shape and size are extremely versatile.

I find that affordable bags that are devoid of hardware look extra expensive.

Coach's logo bags are so '90s to me, and I love it.

This has long been one of the most investment-worthy everyday bags you can buy.

Feel free to disagree, but everyday bags don't have to be neutral.

Just read the stellar reviews of this one if you need any convincing.

We'll probably see Hailey Bieber with this bag any day now.

Sometimes, you just need to be able to go hands-free.

If you like carrying your life around with you, this one's a great option.

I support anyone who wants to make this tote their everyday bag.

An everyday bag with a touch of glamour.

This lightweight bag is deserving of the hype.

This is going to look so good with fall outfits.

I had trouble choosing just one Khaite bag.

The Row knows its way around an everyday bag.

This slim bag is perfect for travel, as it could fit in your carry-on.

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