21 New Makeup Products That Immediately Pep Up Your Zoom Face

As many of us continue to work from home, the reality is we're seeing our own faces a lot more. Even if you're a mostly camera-off kind of queen (I applaud you!), there are still so many instances where showing your face is a must. It's not the worst thing, but when the motivation to apply makeup is at an all-time low it can feel like a personal attack to have to reveal our dull complexions and under-eye bags for all to see.

Well, my friends, this might be a good time to practice a little self-compassion. This year has been insane and the fact that you're still standing is an accomplishment on its own. But if you feel strongly about putting your best face forward, I hear you. Time to say buh-bye to the winter doldrums in more ways than one with these spring makeup launches that'll put a little pep in your step when it comes to your virtual meetings. Keep scrolling for 21 buzzy, new items to shop along with examples of some gorgeous makeup looks to show you how to see them.

Electric Eyes


(Image credit: @flex.mami)

Vacation Skin


(Image credit: @lucyraemcfadin)

Lash and Brow Blast


(Image credit: @joannacoops)

Painted Peepers


(Image credit: @emnitta)

Nothing but Nudes


(Image credit: @symphanisoto)

Blush Bomb


(Image credit: @peonylim)

Soft Focus


(Image credit: @jeannine.roxas)