Every Fashion Girl Will Obsess Over These Forever 21 Pieces

If there's one thing we can say about Forever 21, it's that the fast-fashion retailer is always keeping us on our toes. Every week without fail, we are happily surprised as we sift through the new arrivals, repeatedly in awe of the spot-on trends and wallet-friendly prices. Some weeks, you'll find an assortment of basics that are much needed for any woman's wardrobe, but other weeks present quite the opposite—in a good way. 

In this week's roundup, you'll find statement pieces perfect for the fall season ahead, including a sultry satin skirt, a gorgeous ballet-pink choker, and an edgy sweatshirt adorned with grommets. So before deciding what to splurge on this fall, see what you can find at Forever 21 first, because the options just might surprise you. 

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