We Found the 15 Nail Wraps That Will Truly Look Like an Actual Mani

Let's state the obvious: Nail wraps have a reputation for being a real pain in the you-know-what. Although these mani alternatives may have a bad wrap (heh), there are actually some serious pros to using them that far outweigh the cons.

First, they allow you to change your nail color at the drop of a dime. Second, they're a far more reasonably priced alternative to a professional mani. Hiif you're like me and casually drop $100+ at the nail salon each visit, you'll be saving some serious cash in the long run. Not to mention the fact they're the fastest way to create your own at-home nail art that's on the level of the below artists. The best nail polish strips will do that in next to no time.

Yes, I hear you. The major complaint that most people have about nail wraps is that they just don't look real enough. Well, I'm here to rectify that issue by providing you with some options that do, my friends. Whatever qualms you may have about stick-ons, find them squashed by the wraps on this list.

Best Nail Polish Strips



Floral nails are for sure making a comeback. These fresh, gorgeously designed wraps will have people thinking you went to a first-class nail artist.

Customer review: "These are my go-to nail wraps! I like how thin they are. [They're] perfect to go over another base color. They are long-lasting and easy to apply!"

This cool squiggly line design is simple but far from basic. Best of all, it's subtle enough to still look like a real mani.

Customer review: "Great quality, stays on for over a week, which is absolutely unreal for me. Polish and press-ons rarely stay on my nails for this long. I'm hooked!"

For a simple, sultry shade, try these wraps, aptly nailed Pomegranate Paloma.

Customer review: "Love this product. Easy to put on and stays on until I take them off. They easily pull right off and do not take a layer of [the] nail with them.
My nails were healthy and strong when removed!"

A fun, twisted take on a French tip, these partially transparent stick-ons will appear so real it's scary.

Customer review: "Love the nail wraps! I stopped getting manicures because they would only last a few days before chipping. My Stanley Pop wraps last two weeks. Plus, they have great designs."

The best nail polish strips are ones that really ooze a cozy mood.

Customer review: "This is my favorite color so far. Very easy to apply and definitely holds up. A week in, including a camping trip, and they still look great!"

Dying to have a Clueless moment? These plaid strips are definitely for you.

Customer review: "These are so fantastic. The picture on the website does not do them justice. Very easy to put on and fully cured in 60 seconds, as promised. Semi-cured gel wraps are a great way to get a lasting manicure that looks like it was done in a salon."

I'll be shook if we don't see moss nail polish everywhere this season. Get the look in record time with these jade-colored stick-ons.

Customer review: "I'm not going to lie, I'm usually not a 'paint-my-nails' kind of person just because (honestly) I'm not the best at doing it myself. But these make it so extremely easy."

Marble nails are stunning and not usually easy to achieve yourself. Now, you can sport such a bold design without the extra work of using nail foil.

Customer review: "So easy to use, and [I] absolutely love the way my nails look when I'm finished!" 

This design is cute and unique yet requires next to no effort.

Customer review: "As always, great quality, and the nail stickers oh so perfect!"

Bring the vacay to you with these floral-inspired nails. Will that be one or two cocktails for you?

Customer review: "Lasted two weeks! Here's a picture of when I initially put them on vs. two weeks later. With minor issues, I'd say they stood up well! Much better than paying to go to the nail salon."

No shade to regular stick-ons, but I have to say that nail foil really takes the cake, especially when it's marble.

Customer review: "I loved the result! Product came secured and safe. Each roll is unique and very pretty. I'm excited to use them all! Definitely worth the purchase, and I will purchase more once I run out."

If lip-themed nails once seemed out of reach, look no further than Paintbucket's cleverly crafted nail polish strips.

Customer review: "I love these nail wraps. They are so easy to apply and beautiful once on. They always stay on at least two weeks and make my short, weak nails look glamorous, which is not an easy task. Highly recommend!"

These strips give me NYE celebration vibes. It's never too early to start planning your look.

Customer review: "These help my nails grow, and I'm able to maintain a manicure for two weeks. I love how they look, and it is so easy to do, and they come for easy with no damage to my natural nails."

These nail wraps are cured 60% in advance and are made with real liquid gel, so they'll look more real than ever.

Customer review: "These are amazing! You can get salon-quality nails at home for a fraction of the cost, which is huge. For me, the biggest issue is finding time to go to a salon, but thanks to Ohora, I can do my nails at home!"

If you're not into full nail decals, try a design like this that's half transparent.

Customer review: "Love how beautiful and chic the gold glitter is! It's perfect for the holidays, a celebration, or to spice up your mani!"

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