I Lived in the Midwest for 22 Years—Here's What I'd Still Wear


Michelle Scanga

In case you’re new to my byline, a couple of fun facts about me: 1) I’m from Kansas, and 2) I didn’t graduate college with a fashion degree. Yet right after college, I landed my dream internship at Who What Wear and moved across the country to Los Angeles. Since then, my wardrobe has certainly gone through a mini makeover, mainly because I had just landed my first job and needed to bulk up my “workwear” essentials, and also because I was stocking up on everyday Cali classics like the perfect oversize denim jackets and pieces you can easily transition from day to night.

Earlier this year, I shared the items from my Midwest wardrobe that I wouldn’t wear again, but today, I’m slightly shifting gears and highlighting the pieces I’d still wear to this day. I’m even sharing throwback photos from my pre–Los Angeles days so you can get a sense of what my style was like when I was living in Kansas. While I’ll admit some of the looks as a whole feel dated (rightfully so), the key pieces I’m pointing out though still feel timeless. Keep reading to see a snapshot of my Midwest style and which items from my high school and college days I’d still wear today.