Maternity Essentials for Summer Pregnancies 

Dressing for your pregnancy is hard enough, much less with the addition of three months of summer heat. Though it’s a safe bet that you’d rather just spend the duration lying in a camisole and soft shorts on your couch (the Netflix-and-chill love is real…), most of our lives don’t exactly dictate a schedule that supports that reality. So as we embark upon a season that’s sure to be a scorcher, we’re arming ourselves with the ultimate in maternity essentials for a summer pregnancy.

We’re setting out to keep you comfortable yet chic at the same time. Whether that means finding those lightweight joggers that are actually stylish or stocking up on more elegant staples like colorful bralettes and effortlessly slouchy tanks to wear with those maternity denim shorts you’ve already shopped in preparation, we’ve got you covered. So forget everything you thought you knew about how to dress during your pregnancy and start building your summer wardrobe from the bottom up. Once you’ve gathered an arsenal of these maternity essentials, you’ll be well on your way to becoming the chicest parent-to-be.

Bet you never thought your summer pregnancy could be so stylish.